2017 Georgia State Outlaw Championships

Live Updates: Georgia State Outlaw Championships Night 2

Live Updates: Georgia State Outlaw Championships Night 2

Bookmark this page for LIVE updates of Night 2 of the Georgia State Outlaw Nationals

Nov 18, 2017 by Dan Beaver
Live Updates: Georgia State Outlaw Championships Night 2

Bookmark this page for LIVE updates of Night 2 of the Georgia State Outlaw Nationals.

Fastrak A-Main

1. Dillon Brown
2. Shane Riner
3. Ches Chester
4. Rambo Franklin
5. Matthew Nance
6. Benji Hicks
7. Cla Knight
8. Ben Faircloth
9. Walker Arthur
10. Dustin Morris

Rundown: Austin Mintz leads them to green. over Dillon Brown, but Brown gets a better jump.

On lap 11, Jensen Ford loops it and brings out the caution. He's in a No. 24, backup.

A pair of sixes lead the field: Dillon Brown over Shane Riner.

Benji Hick and Travis Pennington are moving through the field from the B-Main to 8th and 9th respectively.

Wiht 10 to go, Brown and Riner are still one-two, but Brown has a good lead. Ches Chester is in 3rd and challenging Riner.

Fierce battle for 4th: Rambo vs. Matthew Nance.

Super Street A-Main

1. Mark Gulledge
2. Robbie Disher
3. John Brantley
4. Knuckles Shurling
5. Richard McGowan
6. Jamie Whitaker
7. Jimmy Maness
8. Lee Harris
9. Speedy Baughman
10. J Hendricks

Fastrak B-Main

1. Travis Pennington
2. John Henderson
3. Benji Hicks
4. Philip Henderson
5. David Smith
6. TJ Salango
7. Jensen Ford
8. Nick Shalger
9. Kerry Gibbons
10. Jordan Feider

7 cars will transfer and tag the A-Main plus a provisional.

Last night's winner Travis Pennington had to race in tonight through the B. 

Two cars come up light, so Gibbons and Jordan Feider make the show. 

Ultimate Late Model A-Main

1. Chris Ferguson
2. Casey Roberts
3. Brent Larson
4. Ross Bailes
5. Johnny Pursley
6. Rambo Franklin
7. Brent DSixon
8. John Henderson
9. Gary Stuhler
10. Walker Arthur

Rundown: Chris Ferguson leads them to green

On the start, Ferguson spins at the front of the field and incredibly, everyone missed him.

Fergy gets his spot back for the restart and this time gets through 1 clean. He can't get away from Casey Roberts though.

Ross Bailes has been watch the FloRacing stream from the pits - but he put it on hold and is running 3rd.

On a lap 6 restart, Bailes takes second from Roberts.

Lap 10 caution: Matthew Nance loops is with Doug Sanders spinning to avoid.

Lap 12: five-car pileup. 

Ferguson leads Roberts, Bailes, Rambo Franklin, and the newly crowned Tyler Millwood in 5th. And Ultimate does the Delaware restart, so Fergy gets his own row.

Lap 23: Johnny Pursley and Millwood get together - and Millwood spins. The No. 31 has sheet metal flapping from that incident. 

Millwodd tags the field, but he's coming through traffic like a man possessed.

With 20 to go, Fergy leads Roberts, Bailes, Brent Dixon, and Johnny Pursley.

This caution is taking a little while for a medical emergency in the turn 1 grandstands. We can't run, because there is too much dust at that point of the track when we are up to full speed, The reason not to stop, however is because the tires will seal over.

In the final few laps, Roberts closes in, but he cannot close the deal. Fergy wins. Brent Larson rounds out the top three.

V8 Super Stock Feature

1. Brian Barnes
2. Cameron Tribble
3. Joe Sullivan
4. Matt Davis
5. John Lock
6. Dillon Crosby
7. Johnny Crews
8. Josh Potts
9. Jim Barrow
10. Andrew Abstance

Fastrak Heats

Top four transfer

Heat 4: Benji Hicks and Jensen Ford are in this one - too bad the championship is already decided.

Ford spins on the opening lap.

Ches Chester takes the win after banging with Walker Arthur on that final lap. Brandon Umberger and Banjo Duke fill out the transfers. Cody Overton just misses in 5th.

Benji Hicks 6th and Jensen Ford 7th will go through the B.

Heat 3: Jim Manka brings out an early caution.

Shane Riner wins and advances. Dustin Morris, Joshua Bishop and Johnny Pursley round out the transfer positions. Phillip Thompson just misses.

Heat 2: Cla Knight will lead them to green.

Dillon Brown, Cla Knight, Colby Cannon, and Parker Herring transfer to the A-Main. John Henderson is first on the outside looking in.

Heat 1: Austin Mintz wins over Matthew Nance, Dennis Franklin, and Ben Faircloth.

Rundown: Mathew Nance slides high and brings the caution. Complete restart.

Nance gets a better start this time and is challenging for the lead with Austin Mintz

Fastrak Crate Late Models Qualifying

Group 2 Qualifying:

Dillon Brown (15.731)
Walker Arthur
Cla Knight
Ches Chester
Parker Herring make up the top five.

Dillon Brown takes group 2 qualifying with a time of 15.731, Cla Knight was second quick.

Brown is currently fastest in the group with a 15.731. Cla Knight is currently second.

Group 1 Qualifying:

Matthew Nance (15.586)
Dustin Morris
Austin Mintz
Shane Riner
Corey Gordon are the top five

Matthew Nance wins Group 1 of Fastrak qualifying with a time of 15.587. Followed by Dustin Morris, Austin Mintz and Shane Reiner.

Matthew Nance takes the top spot from Dustin Morris with his 15.587 time. Morris is now credited second.

Dustin Morris currently holds fast time with 15.821

Ultimate Super Late Models Qualifying

By qualifying in the final event Tyler Millwood captures the series championship for Ultimate and the Rookie of the Year title. All in his first series points seeking season.

Qualification is over and Chris Ferguson holds on to the top spot. Casey Roberts fastest lap was .028 slower at 14.731. Ross Bailes was third fastest.

Chris Ferguson is currently the fastest in qualifying with a second lap of 14.731. He's followed by Casey Roberts and Ross Bailes.

Fastrak Hot Laps

Dillon Brown was fastest in Hot Laps at 15.794, followed by Banjo Duke, Cody Overton, Rambo Franklin, and Dustin Morris. Points contenders Matthew Nance was 8th, Cla Knight 9th,  Benji Hicks 10th, and Jensen Ford 13th

In Fastrak Hot Laps, Rambo Franklin is fastest early at a 16.000 flat. The times will keep coming down, and now Dillon Brown in the 6 is 15.794 and Banjo Duke slips into second with a 15.935.

Ultimate Super Late Models

Benji Hicks was fastest with a 16.009, followed by Brent Larson, Casey Roberts, Rambo Franklin, and Ross Bailes. Newly crowned champion Tyler Millwod was 15th.

After winning the championship last night, Benji Hicks rolled out his Ultimate Super Late Model and he was quickest in his group.

Mudpacking is underway; We're running a little behind schedule, but racing will get underway soon. And there are 175 laps of features coming up, so it's worth the wait.

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