2022 NASCAR Weekly Racing at Bowman Gray Stadium

Big Crash Leads To Dramatic Turn In Bowman Gray Stadium Championship Race

Big Crash Leads To Dramatic Turn In Bowman Gray Stadium Championship Race

The Bowman Gray Stadium points battle took a dramatic turn after a first-lap crash Saturday night

Jun 21, 2022 by Rob Blount
Big Crash Leads To Dramatic Turn In Bowman Gray Stadium Championship Race

Chris Fleming entered Saturday night’s twin 50-lap Modified features at North Carolina’s Bowman Gray Stadium as the points leader. He left the track known as “The Madhouse” third in points, six points out of the lead thanks to a first-lap pile-up at the start of the second race.

Jonathan Brown, Danny Propst, Gary Young Jr., and Lee Jeffreys were also involved as Fleming slammed the outside wall coming to the green flag with every car taking heavy damage.

After the accident, a strange turn of events took place as both Fleming and Brown decided to climb aboard their teammate’s cars that were undamaged in order to continue the race. Jordan Fleming quickly climbed out of his No. 99 machine, while Brown ran across the infield grass to get behind the wheel of the red and white No. 2 that was initially being driven by Mike Adams.

Fleming explained Tuesday morning that he believed he and Brown would be able to receive points in the team cars since no laps had been completed, but he explained that he learned that was not the case after climbing aboard the No. 99 car.

“Gray (Garrison, track promoter) sent me a message from the flagman who told me that he was not going to give me the points for that race,” explained Fleming. “There was zero laps on the board. I looked at it. There was zero laps. The race hadn’t started. We should have gotten points for that. But, Bowman Gray is Bowman Gray. He’s the master of manipulation. Let’s face it, I’m not a young superstar. I’m the old grandpa. Gray can do what he wants with the points. I know that when I go in the gate that that’s the reason I will not run for the championship.

“I’ve long said I’m a circus performer and he’s the ringmaster. That’s the way we all are. Whatever he wants to happen, that’s what’s going to happen. A lot of the guys can’t stand that, but I don’t have a problem with it. That’s the reason I’m not worried about the points.”


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Garrison appeared on the FloRacing broadcast with lead play-by-play announcer Matthew Dillner to explain the situation from race control’s position while the events were unfolding.

“They can get into the backup car, but they will not get points for the backup car,” explained Garrison. “They will get points for the car they attempted to start with. So when the green flag comes out, they will get points for the car they started. So Chris will get points for the 16, not the 99, and Jonathan will get points for the 22, not the 2. So they can switch, but they won’t get points for it. The drivers that started those cars that they’re jumping into will get the points.”

As a result, Fleming was officially scored as finishing in the 19th position, with Brown officially scored right behind him in 20th, even though Fleming drove the backup car up to the eighth position and Brown drove his backup car to 14th.

Brown won the first feature of the night, while Fleming finished in third.

The crash dropped Fleming back to third in points, six points behind leader Brandon Ward and four points behind second-place driver Jason Myers. Brown fell down to sixth in the standings, 51 points out of the lead.

Attempts to reach Brown were unsuccessful at time of publication.

Fleming said the most frustrating aspect of the whole situation for him wasn’t the loss of points in the track championship battle, even though he was the leader entering the race, but instead he was more frustrated about dropping in the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series national championship standings.

“I was solid in the top 10, and Gray never has anyone in the top 10 in the national points,” said Fleming. “Peyton Sellers is leading it and I was tenth and had run close to half the races of what he’d run.”

Fleming did add that he holds no ill will towards Garrison and Bowman Gray Stadium over the ruling on Saturday night.

“Gray and I are great friends,” Fleming said. “He’s a great family man. I have so much respect for him. He’s one of the best businessmen I’ve ever met. That’s the reason I am able to overcome being aggravated over this stuff. Go to any paved race track in the country and who else has the crowd we’ve got? I don’t have any problem with Gray’s decisions. Do I like it? No, I don’t like it, but he made a decision and I’ve got to live with it and that’s the way it is.”