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Aaron Reutzel, Roth Motorsports Penalized By World of Outlaws

Aaron Reutzel, Roth Motorsports Penalized By World of Outlaws

World of Outlaws officials have penalized Aaron Reutzel and Roth Motorsports for an infraction.

Aug 5, 2021 by Matt Weaver
Aaron Reutzel, Roth Motorsports Penalized By World of Outlaws

The World of Outlaws have levied a massive penalty against Roth Motorsports and Aaron Reutzel following the results of a Saturday inspection at Weedsport Speedway.

The results of an investigation into the missive were published on Tuesday evening and concluded that Reutzel and his team took a tech sticker off one car and moved it to another to hide a chassis with undersized tubing that did not meet thickness standards.

As a result, Reutzel has been fined $10,000, which must be paid by Aug. 28, 2021, or he will be subject to additional penalties and fines. Reutzel has also been deducted 1,000 World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series driver points.

Reutzel has also been suspended from the World of Outlaws for 30 days from the July 31, 2021 infraction date.

Additionally, Roth Motorsports has been fined $10,000 and deducted 500 World of Outlaws owner points. The team will be allowed to compete in series events as soon as the fine is paid. Reutzel and Roth Motorsports have been placed on probation for through the completion of the 2022 season.

“It is an unfortunate situation Aaron Reutzel created for everyone involved,” World of Outlaws CEO Brian Carter said. “The severity of the penalty was weighed heavily and reflects the seriousness with which we considered the violations and infractions.”

Reutzel won for the fourth time in his rookie season on Friday at Ransomville Speedway in New York. Reutzel is also a three-time All Star Circuit of Champions champion.

During an inspection of the No. 83 prior to hot laps on Saturday at Weedsport, World of Outlaws Technical Director Tom Devitt noticed what has been described as 'suspicious peculiarities' with the paint of the chassis and that the inspection sticker appeared to have been tampered with.

When confronted with the suspicion, Reutzel admitted to Devitt and World of Outlaws Sprint Car director Carlton Reimers that he had taken a white chassis, previously disallowed for competition by the sanctioning body for undersized tubing, and painted it black and removed an inspection sticker from a legal chassis and placed it on the chassis in question. has reported that this is Reutzel’s second offense for the same infraction. His car reportedly failed inspection earlier this season at a World of Outlaws event in mid-June at Knoxville Raceway.

World of Outlaws has not stripped Reutzel of his victory at Ransomville because the car technically passed post-race inspection. Cars that display technical inspection stickers are not subject to a full inspection but are subject to random spot checks with different items being teched each night.

The sanctioning body says it will evaluate its technical process to determine if any changes need to be made as a result of this incident.

The All Star Circuit of Champions has indicated it will uphold the World of Outlaws penalty. Reutzel will also not be permitted to race with Knoxville Nationals next week as Knoxville Raceway recognizes and upholds the penalty.  

Team owners Dennis Roth and Todd Ventura released the following statements. 

“Being involved in Racing for 30 years, this is something I do not condone, and it is simply not how Roth Motorsports operates,” Roth said. “This is very disappointing to me, and this is a situation that does not sit lightly within out race team.”

“Moving forward we are disappointed in the decisions that our team made on our behalf last weekend,” Ventura said. “That is simply not how our organization operates and it will not be tolerated. We will use this as a learning experience for our guys and hopefully everyone comes out of his a little stronger. When you put that much trust on the road this is the last thing you think will happen. Roth Motorsports will pick up the pieces, and get right back to work.”

A team statement said 'stay tuned for more announcements.' Parker Price Miller will drive the No. 83 car this weekend in the Ironman 55 at Federated Auto Parts I-55 Raceway.