Ross Bailes Has Wins With Three Different Owners In 2017

Ross Bailes Has Wins With Three Different Owners In 2017

No matter who he is racing for, Ross Bailes is likely to win with victories for three different owners in 2017.

Oct 2, 2017 by Dan Beaver
Ross Bailes Has Wins With Three Different Owners In 2017

As Ross Bailes has bounced around the country chasing high finishes and big checks, he’s done so with the help of three teams, grabbing wins in three different cars. 

He’s been particularly strong for the No. 40 team.

“I’ve got wins with three different cars, and I’ve just been fortunate enough to be put in some pretty good cars," Bailes said. "With Ronnie McCarter; the No. 87 car and Billy Hicks; the No. 79, and Barry White who I’ve been driver for lately, he has a really good car and a really good base set up and it just fits my drive style.”

Bailes dominated FloRacing’s latest live event, winning the Fastrak World Championships at Virginia Motor Speedway in Jamaica, Virginia, on Sept. 16 in a dominant flag-to-flag run.

“It was our night, right from the start," Bailes said. "We drew a good number for the heat race. We drew in the first group. We knew that if we won our heat we would start on the pole. We then set fast time and won our heat. That put us on the pole and we led all 60 laps. It was kinda our night from the get-go.”

On Saturday night, Bailes had a strong run at Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, Georgia, against some of the best Late Model racers in the business. He finished 15th in the Lucas Oil show. While that was outside of the top 10, Bailes settled in between likely Rookie of the Year winner Hudson O’Neal and current points leader Josh Richards.

This week, Bailes has a decision to make as to whether he will drive north to compete with the Lucas Oil regulars at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway in Imperial, PA, or south for the Ultimate show at Dublin (NC) Speedway.

“We’ve just had a really good year with the Ultimate," Bailes said. "We won one or two races, but we’ve finished in the top five pretty much every time that we’ve run with the series.

"I wish we could do it full-time, but it didn’t work out this year so that we could do it and it was more suitable for us to just race here and there whenever we could and when Ultimate is around or if they have a big race on we’ll go there."

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