picture of 2021 Tuscarora 50 at Port Royal Speedway

Sep 9-11, 2021

It's the biggest race of the year for the All Star Circuit of Champions. The Tuscarora 50 will see one Sprint Car driver walk away from Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night with a $54,000 check and a big smile on their face.

19685Mitch Smith
19695Mitch Smith
19705Mitch Smith
197177Smokey Snellbaker
19721Lynn Paxton
197329Kenny Weld
19741Lynn Paxton
197519Steve Smith
197644Jim Nace
19771Gary Howsare
197833Keith Kauffman
197956Smokey Snellbaker
19801Lynn Paxton
198129George Ferguson Jr.
19821ABobby Allen
198340Dave Blaney
198429Doug Wolfgang
198529Doug Wolfgang
198629Doug Wolfgang
198729Doug Wolfgang
198819Stevie Smith
19891ABobby Allen
199011Todd Shaffer
199111Todd Shaffer
19923KLen Krautheim III.
199369KDon Kreitz Jr.
1994461Lance Dewease
199588Todd Shaffer
199677Fred Rahmer
199777Fred Rahmer
199812Greg Hodnett
199969KDon Kreitz Jr.
200077Fred Rahmer
200188HLance Dewease
200277Lance Dewease
20037Keith Kauffman
200412Greg Hodnett
200588HFred Rahmer
200625Lance Dewease
200730Doug Esh
200811Mike Erdley
200922Greg Hodnett
201021Brian Montieth
20111Stevie Smith
201230Doug Esh
201369kDon Kreitz Jr.
201427Greg Hodnett
201519mBrent Marks
201669kLance Dewease
201769kLance Dewease
201815Donny Schatz
201987Aaron Reutzel
202069kLance Dewease