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10/26 - 11/1

11/1/1987Phoenix USAC Silver Crown
10/29/2016Ventura USAC WS Midgets
8/10/1989IRP Jack Hewitt USAC Sprint In-Car
4/21/1990Ascot USAC WS Midgets
10/31/1999Memphis USAC Silver Crown
5/18/1990Winchester USAC Sprints
10/29/2016Ventura USAC WS Midgets Thrills & Spills
7/25/1991Lincoln Park Indiana Sprint Week
8/11/1994Winchester USAC Sprints
10/28/2017Ventura USAC WS Midgets
10/29/2000Memphis USAC Silver Crown
10/27/2012Canyon USAC Sprints
10/27/2018Ventura USAC WS Midget Prelims
10/27/2018Ventura USAC WS Midget Feature

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