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4/12 - 4/18

4/16/1967Eldora USAC Sprint Highlights
4/16/1967Eldora Larry Dickson USAC Sprint Crash
4/14/1974Terre Haute USAC Sprints
5/6/1985Terre Haute USAC Sprints (Motorweek)
4/14/1990Ascot Park USAC WS Midgets
8/11/1990IRP USAC Midgets
3/23/1991Lanier USAC Midgets
4/13/1991Ventura USAC WS Midgets
6/17/1995Paragon Indiana Sprint Week
7/8/1995Paragon USAC Sprints
4/12/1997Racin' with D.O. TV Show
4/13/1997Lakeside & I-70 USAC Sprint Highlights
7/26/1997Paragon USAC Sprints
7/25/1998Paragon USAC Sprints
4/16/2010Eldora USAC Sprint Highlights
4/17/2015Bloomington Daron Clayton USAC Sprint Crash
4/17/2015Bloomington Jeff Bland Jr. USAC Sprint Crash
4/15/2015Bloomington USAC Sprints
4/18/2015Perris USAC CRA Sprints
4/18/2015Perris Matt Mitchell USAC CRA Sprint Crash
4/18/2015Perris Senior Sprints
4/18/2015Tri-State USAC Sprints
4/15/2016Bloomington USAC Sprints
4/16/2016Tri-State USAC Sprints
4/16/2016Perris USAC CRA Sprints
4/16/2016Perris USAC CRA Sprint Thrills & Spills
4/14/2017Bloomington USAC Sprints
4/15/2017Tri-State USAC Sprints
4/15/2017Bakersfield USAC CRA Sprints
4/18/2017USAC Weekly Rewind
4/13/2018Kokomo USAC Midget Prelims
4/13/2018Kokomo USAC Midget Feature
4/14/2018Tulare USAC WS Midgets
4/14/2018Tulare USAC CRA Sprints

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