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#FloRacing Dream: Joshua Bishop

#FloRacing Dream: Joshua Bishop

May 23, 2021

First off, I would like to say thanks for this opportunity for one racer in need of this! This is an awesome opportunity for someone and I know it will make someone’s “dream” come true! 

I believe I should go to Eldora Speedway because it is an almost impossible feat for our little team and we will most likely never be able to go. We have always talked about going one day and hoping that we could but with that all of us knowing we most likely would never be able to. We have watched the Dream every year and will continue to, hoping that we could get that chance. 

This would be an opportunity of a lifetime and I would represent FloRacing well and in a professional manner, all the while trying to be as competitive as possible and hopefully making the field against the best in the country. I can only hope that this #FloRacingDream could become a reality through this awesome avenue that you guys are offering and as I said, would most likely be the only way our team could possibly go. 

My grandpa, being the owner of the team, has gotten older and most likely will never be able to see Eldora Speedway in person except through an opportunity like this and it would mean the world. Once again it thanks for this opportunity!