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Pro Stock Eliminations | 2024 PRO Superstar Shootout at Bradenton Motorsports Park

Feb 11, 2024

Watch the PRO Superstar Shootout Pro Stock elimination rounds at Bradenton Motorsports Park from February 10, 2024 on FloRacing.

Pro Stock Round 1 Eliminations

Jeg Coughlin vs. Chris McGaha

Aaron Stanfield vs. Camrie Caruso

Cristian Cuadra vs. Fernando Cuadra Jr.

Erica Enders vs. David Cuadra

Jeg Coughlin vs. Jerry Tucker

Dallas Glenn vs. Dave Connolly

Bo Butner vs. Eric Latino

Matt Hartford vs. Greg Anderson

Pro Stock Round 2 Eliminations

Eric Latino vs. Chris McGaha

Jeg Coughlin vs. Cristian Cuadra

Dave Connolly vs. Matt Hartford

Erica Enders vs. Aaron Stanfield

Pro Stock Semi-Finals

Chris McGaha vs. Dave Connolly

Erica Enders vs. Jeg Coughlin

Pro Stock Final

Erica Enders vs. Dave Connolly