picture of 2021 Short Track Super Series Cajun Swing at The Rev Speedway

Completed, Nov 12

The Short Track Super Series Modifieds head south to Louisiana for a Cajun Swing that will see them race five times in five days. Stewart Friesen, Matt Sheppard, Mike Mahaney, Ryan Godown and more are expected to battle the best from the Cajun Region.

1) Ryan Godown

2) Mike Mahaney

3) Matt Sheppard

4) Jack Lehner

5) Willy Decker

6) Rocky Warner

7) Derrick McGrew Jr.

8) Tommy Rascoe

9) Kodey Keimig

10) Keith Badiali

11) Mike Krompegal

12) Eric Williams

13) John Lutes

14) Richard Holt

15) David Forbis

16) Stewart Friesen

17) Dale Wester

18) Cody Robbins

19) Steve Davis

20) Brent Buckley

21) Erick Rudolph

22) Jon White Jr.

23) Joe Boswell

24) Caleb Dillard

25) Greg Dillard

Did Not Start: Darrell ‘Brother’ Fowlkes, Thomas Holt

Did Not Qualify: Danny Baglio, Korey Keimig