picture of 2021 All Star Circuit of Champions at The Dirt Oval at Route 66

May 15, 2021

Watch the All Star Circuit of Champions at i96 Speedway live on FloRacing! The circuit pays a visit to i-96 Speedway (MI) before heading to the Dirt Oval Route 66 in Chicago, IL.


191Kyle Reinhardt
27BCTyler Courtney
326Cory Eliason
44Cap Henry
517BBill Balog
655Hunter Schuerenberg
711Ian Madsen
867Michael Kofoid
939Jake Blackhurst
108MT.J. Michael
112WScott Neitzel
125Paul McMahan
1365Jordan Goldesberry
1421BPBrinton Marvel
1568Dave Uttech
1623Russel Borland
17 DNF4BScott Biertzer
18 DNF5JJeremy Schultz
19 DNF20RRob Pribnow
20 DNF29Hunter Custer
21 DNF9KKyle Schuett
22 DNF10Zeb Wise
23 DNF24Rico Abreu
24 DNF13Justin Peck