Tuscarora 50 Results
Port Royal, PA
Sep 9, 2017
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On Friday night, Lance Dewease knew he had a good car for 30 laps, but was uncertain about his 50-lap setup. It was just as good and he led 44 of the 50 laps en route to his 35th career win.

Tuscarora 50

16Lance Dewease
21Ryan Smith
39Brock Zearfoss
422Lucas Wolfe
514Kerry Madsen
64Danny Dietrich
711Brian Brown
87Joey Saldana
910Ryan Taylor
1021Greg Hodnett
118Mark Smith (sprints)
1218Trey Starks
135Tony Stewart
143Tim Kaeding
1517Chad Kemenah
162Carl Bowser
1718Dave Blaney
1819Aaron Reutzel
1920Dale Blaney
2023Anthony Macri
2126Dylan Cisney
2227Mike Wagner
2313Brady Bacon
2424Caleb Armstrong
2512Tim Shaffer
2625Max Stambaugh
2715TJ Stutts