World 100 Night 2, Odd Feature Results
Sep 8
Show Results

Things continued to look good for Clint Bowyer Racing as Darrell Lanigan teammate Don O’Neal won the Odd feature for the World 100 at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH from the pole.

O’Neal was followed by Tim McCreadie who—despite making several challenges for the the lead—never made the pass.

While no one in the field had enough to match O’Neal or McCreadie, Gregg Satterlee put on a heck of a show behind them. Making his way onto the podium from seventh, he was followed by Mike Marlar who also moved forward four positions from eighth to fourth. Shane Clayton rounded out the top five in the Odd feature.

O’Neal started next to his teammate Lanigan in the World 100.

World 100 Night 2, Odd Feature

11Don O'Neal
22Tim McCreadie
37Gregg Satterlee
48Mike Marlar
54Shane Clanton
610Kyle Bronson
717Brandon Sheppard
821Jonathan Davenport
916Dale McDowell
103Jared Miley
116Chris Madden
1214Chris Ferguson
1312Kent Robinson
1419Billy Moyer Sr
1515Shanon Buckingham
169Earl Pearson Jr
1723Timothy Culp
1824Mason Zeigler
195Jacob Hawkins
2013Jeff Babcock
2120James Rice
2222Adam Bowman
2318Connor Meade
2411Jason Jameson