World 100 Night 2, Even Program Results
Rossburg, OH
Sep 8, 2017
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After defeating Jonathan Davenport with a late pass on lap 18 Thursday night Darrell Lanigan night that effort by passing Josh Richards on the same lap in the even feature for the World 100 at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH.

Jimmy Owens also made it past the pole sitter to grab the second-place spot on lap 21 and Richards settled for the final podium finish.

Hudson O’Neal barely missed the podium finishing fourth and past World 100 winner Bobby Pierce rounded out the top five.

Things continued to work in Lanigan’s favor. The inversion landed on zero, so he maintained his pole going into the Saturday night's 100-lap event. Don O’Neal started next to Lanigan.

World 100 Night 2, Even Program

16Darrell Lanigan
24Jimmy Owens
31Josh Richards
43Hudson O'Neal
510Bobby Pierce
612Jon Henry (dirt lm)
716Scott Bloomquist
821Frank Heckenast Jr
95Jeep VanWormer
1022Zack Dohm
1123Chris Simpson
1219Jimmy Mars
1311Casey Roberts
147Brian Shirley
1515Eddie Carrier Jr
169Shannon Babb
1712Jason Feger
188Brandon Kinzer
1918Tony Jackson Jr
2024Brent Larson
212Dustin Nobbe
2214Mike Norris
2320Steve Francis
2413Ryan King