Open Wheel Championships Prelim Results
Aug 25
Show Results

Rico Abreu held off a charge from Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions owner Tony Stewart and grabbed the opening night win for the Open Wheel Championships at Atomic Speedway in Chillicothe, OH

Open Wheel Championships Prelim; All Star Circuit of Champions

FinishStartDriverHeat FinishB-Main
12Rico Abreu1 
21Tony Stewart1 
35Cole Duncan1 
43Lee Jacobs2 
54Joey Saldana4 
611Max Stambaugh3 
715Dave Blaney4 
86Caleb Helms2 
98John Garvin2 
1017Carson Macedo5 
1124Danny Smith74
1221Spencer Bayston71
137Parker Price-Miller2 
149Ryan Smith1 
1514Chad Kemenah4 
1620Brandon Spithaler5 
1718Bryan Nuckles5 
1822Logan Wagner62
1919Jordan Mackison5 
2013Brent Matus3 
2110Tim Shaffer3 
2212Cale Thomas3 
2323Todd Kane63
2416Ryan Myers4 
  Brandon Wimmer95
  Cale Conley78
  Josh Baughman1012
  Tyler Esh1113
  Brandon Matus1114
  Hunter Mackison815

Laps Led: Rico Abreu, 1-10; Tony Stewart, 11; Abreu, 12-30.