Scorcher Results
Aug 17
Show Results

There have been 11 different winners in 14 Ultimate Southeast Late Model races, but with his Scorcher victory Dale McDowell has taken over the number one spot.

Scorcher; Ultimate Southeast Late Models Series

1Dale McDowell
2Ross Bailes
3Vic Hill
4Casey Roberts
5Dennis Franklin
6Dakotah Knuckles
7Joey Coulter
8Tyler Millwood
9Forrest Trent
10Carter Miller
11Jason Welshan
12Donald McIntosh
13Mike Marlar
14Jimmy Owens
15Shanon Buckingham
16Brandon Overton
17Jonathan Davenport
18Chicky Barton
19Dustin Mitchell
20Eric Webber
21Brandon Kinzer
22Jeremy Hines
23Riley Hickman
24Jared Bailey