picture of 2022 AMSOIL Championship Off-Road at Dirt City

Jul 30-31

Don't miss Amsoil Championship Off-Road racing action as the series returns to the short track at Dirt City Motorplex in Lena, WI for two full, action-packed days of Pro and Sportsman Truck, Buggy, and SxS racing coverage. The half-way marker of the 2022 campaign means points battles are beginning to take shape. In 2021, Johnny Greaves earned PRO4 win #100. Will history be made once again in 2022? Be there or tune in live right here on FloRacing to find out.

*Schedule subject to change. All times CST.

SATURDAY: Amsoil Championship Off-Road Round 7

  • 10:00am Sportsman Opening Ceremony
  • 10:05am 1600 Light Buggy
  • 10:35am Stock Truck
  • 11:05am Short Course Karts
  • 11:35am 170 SxS
  • 12:05pm Mod Kart
  • 12:35pm 1600 Single Buggy
  • 1:05pm Super Stock Truck
  • 1:35pm Sportsman SxS
  • 2:05pm 570 SxS
  • 2:35pm Pro Am SxS
  • 3:05pm Super Buggy
  • 4:00pm Pro Opening Ceremony
  • 4:15pm PRO STOCK SxS
  • 4:40pm PRO SPEC
  • 5:05pm PRO LITE
  • 5:30pm PRO TURBO SxS
  • 5:55pm PRO2
  • 6:25pm PRO4

SUNDAY: Amsoil Championship Off-Road Round 8

  • 9:00am Sportsman Opening Ceremony
  • 9:05am 1600 Light Buggy
  • 9:35am Stock Truck
  • 10:05am Short Course Karts
  • 10:35am 170 SxS
  • 12:05Am Mod Kart
  • 11:35Am 1600 Single Buggy
  • 12:05pm Super Stock Truck
  • 12:35pm Sportsman SxS
  • 1:05pm 570 SxS
  • 1:35pm Pro Am SxS
  • 2:05pm Super Buggy
  • 3:00pm Pro Opening Ceremony
  • 3:15pm PRO STOCK SxS
  • 3:40pm PRO SPEC
  • 4:05pm PRO LITE
  • 4:30pm PRO TURBO SxS
  • 4:55pm PRO2
  • 5:25pm PRO4