2021 USAC Midgets BC39 at The Dirt Track at IMS

Live From Indy: Updates From The BC39

Live From Indy: Updates From The BC39

Find updates from the BC39 at The Dirt Track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on FloRacing.

Aug 19, 2021 by Brandon Paul
Live From Indy: Updates From The BC39

After a one-year hiatus, anticipation is high as the best Midget racers in America return to Indianapolis Motor Speedway this week for the third running of the BC39. The team at FloRacing will be on location Wednesday and Thursday to bring you the latest updates as you watch in person or live on FloRacing. 


A-Main Recap

Polesitter Justin Grant jumped out to the early lead before giving it up to Daison Pursley on Lap 2.

Pursley led the way until Thomas Meseraull arrived on the scene and took the lead away on Lap 17. 

T-Mez remained out in front until Kyle Larson powered to his outside to take the lead on Lap 22. 

One lap later, Meseraull battled back and reclaimed the lead after a spirited battle with Larson. 

The yellow flag waved with five laps to go, setting up a shootout between Meseraull, Larson and Grant. The three drivers went three wide on the ensuing restart before Meseraull's night came to an end following contact with Larson. 

From there, it was a slide-job showdown between Larson and Grant, with Larson pulling away on the final restart. 


1Kyle Larson
2Justin Grant
3Brady Bacon
4Daison Pursley
5Emerson Axsom
6Ryan Timms
7Tanner Thorson
8Tyler Courtney
9Jerry Coons, Jry. 
10Buddy Kofoid
11Chase Briscoe
12Spencer Bayston
13Kevin Thomas, Jr. 
14Zeb Wise
15Logan Seavey
16Cole Bodine
17Kyle Cummins
18Karter Sarff
19Kaylee Bryson
20Chase Randall
21Chris Windom
22Cannon McIntosh
23Hayden Williams
24Thomas Meseruall
25Corey Day

What To Expect Thursday Night

After earning passing points during Wednesday's heat races, drivers will have another chance to tally up the points during qualifying races on Thursday. There will be six 10-lap qualifying races with the lineups (see below) based on heat race results. 

Following qualifying races, points from heat races and qualifying races will be added up to set the lineup for D, C, B and A-Mains. 

That will all lead into the main event, the $15,000-to-win BC39.

Starting Lineup 

1) Justin Grant

2) Ryan Timms

3) Daison Pursley

4) Kyle Larson

5) Thomas Meseraull

6) Brady Bacon

7) Tyler Courtney

8) Chris Windom

9) Jerry Coons, Jr. 

10) Cannon McIntosh

11) Kevin Thomas, Jr. 

12) Cole Bodine

13) Buddy Kofoid

14) Spencer Bayston

15) Corey Day

16) Kyle Cummins

17) Karter Sarff

18) Kaylee Bryson

19) Emerson Axsom

20) Chase Briscoe

21) Hayden Williams

22) Logan Seavey

23) Tanner Thorson

24) Chase Randall

Semi Feature Results

(Top Six Transfer)

1Karter Sarff
2Kaylee Bryson
3Emerson Axsom
4Chase Briscoe
5Hayden Williams
6Logan Seavey
7Tanner Thorson
8Zeb Wise
9Taylor Reimer
10Chase Randall
11Bryant Wiedeman
12Sam Johnson
13Chance Crum
14Zac Taylor
15Aiden Purdue
16Ethan Mitchell
17Tyler Edwards
18Chase Elliott
19Jason McDougal
20Brenham Crouch

C-Main Results

(Top Six Transfer)

1Logan Seavey
2Zac Taylor
3Chance Crum
4Bryant Wiedeman
5Tanner Thorson
6Sam Johnson
7Trevor Casey
8Maria Cofer
9Jacob Denney
10Rylan Gray
11Daniel Robinson
12Carson Kvapil
13Shane Cottle
14Ryan Newman
15Gary Taylor
16Carson Garrett
17JJ Yeley
18Hayden Reinbold
19Bryan Stanfill
20Ronnie Gardner

D-Main #1 Results

(Top Three Transfer)

1Jacob Denney
2Hayden Reinbold
3Rylan Gray
4Glenn Waterland
5Blake Brannon
6Kevin Woody
7Ian Creager
8Jeff Schindler
9Robert Bell
10Kameron Gladish
11Austin Barnhill
12Aaron Leffel

D-Main #2 Results

(Top Three Transfer)

1Tanner Thorson
2Bryant Wiedeman
3Ryan Newman
4Jonathan Shafer
5Ben Varner
6Russ Gamester
7Conor Daly
8Randi Pankratz
9Billy Lawless
10Tommy Kouns
11Justin Dickerson

Qualifying Race Results

Qualifier #1

14Brady Bacon
26Justin Grant
35Buddy Kofoid
42Jason McDougal
53Kaylee Bryson
67Zac Taylor
78Carson Kvapil
81JJ Yeley
99Conor Daly
1011Ben Varner
1110Russ Gamester
1212John Heydenreich

High Points: Brady Bacon (4th to 1st - 140 points)

Qualifier #2

13Cannon McIntosh
24Cole Bodine
35Spencer Bayston
49Hayden Williams
51Gary Taylor
68Sam Johnson
72Daniel Robinson
810Jonathan Shafer
912Tommy Kouns
1011Kameron Gladish
117Bryant Wiedeman
126Logan Seavey

High Points: Cannon McIntosh (3rd to 1st - 135 points)

Qualifier #3

14Tyler Courtney
22Ethan Mitchell
36Kyle Larson
45Kyle Cummins
51Shane Cottle
63Chase Randall
79Chance Crum
87Carson Garrett
912Jeff Schindler
1011Justin Dickerson
118Hayden Reinbold
1210Aaron Leffel

High Points: Tyler Courtney (4th to 1st - 140 points)

Qualifier #4

13Kevin Thomas, Jr. 
25Jerry Coons, Jr. 
36Thomas Meseraull
44Aiden Purdue
52Zeb Wise
611Trevor Casey
77Maria Cofer
89Rylan Gray
912Randi Pankratz
101Austin Barnhill
1110Robert Bell
128Jacob Denney

High Points: Kevin Thomas, Jr. (3rd to 1st - 135 points)

Qualifier #5

11Emerson Axsom
26Ryan Timms
34Corey Day
47Brenham Crouch
55Karter Sarff
63Chase Elliott
710Ryan Newman
89Ian Creager
92Tanner Berryhill
108Tanner Thorson
1111Jeff Winnemauer

High Points: Ryan Timmes (6th to 2nd - 138 points)

Qualifier #6

14Chris Windom
26Daison Pursley
32Taylor Reimer
45Chase Briscoe
57Tyler Edwards
61Ronnie Gardner
711Kevin Woody
83Bryan Stanfill
99Blake Brannon
108Glenn Waterland
1110Billy Lawless

High Points: Chris Windom (4th to 1st - 140 points)

Trouble In Hot Laps

A trio of drivers experienced issues during hot laps. Brenham Crouch and Jacob Denney both flipped in turn four, while Ryan Timms made hard contact with the outside wall. Timms was fifth in passing points entering tonight's qualifying races. 

Top 10 In Hot Laps

1Spencer Bayston11.964
2Ethan Mitchell12.073
3Kevin Thomas, Jr. 12.082
4Cannon McIntosh12.083
5Kyle Cummins12.093
6Kyle Larson12.135
7Buddy Kofoid12.184
8Logan Seavey12.263
9Tyler Courtney12.288
10Jason McDougal12.288

Qualifying Race Lineups

Qualifier 1 Lineup 

1JJ Yeley
2Jason McDougal
3Kaylee Bryson
4Brady Bacon
5Buddy Kofoid
6Justin Grant
7Zac Taylor
8Carson Kvapil
9Conor Daly
10Russ Gamester
11Ben Varner
12John Heydenreich

Qualifier 2 Lineup

1Gary Taylor
2Daniel Robinson
3Cannon McIntosh
4Cole Bodine
5Spencer Bayston
6Logan Seavey
7Bryant Wiedeman
8Sam Johnson
9Hayden Williams
10Jonathan Shafer
11Kameron Gladish
12Tommy Kouns

Qualifier 3 Lineup

1Shane Cottle
2Ethan Mitchell
3Chase Randall
4Tyler Courtney
5Kyle Cummins
6Kyle Larson
7Carson Garrett
8Hayden Reinbold
9Chance Crum
10Aaron Leffel
11Justin Dickerson
12Jef Schindler

Qualifier 4 Lineup

1Austin Barnhill
2Zeb Wise
3Kevin Thomas Jr. 
4Aiden Purdue
5Jerry Coons, Jr. 
6Thomas Meseraull
7Maria Cofer
8Jacob Denney
9Rylan Gray
10Robert Bell
11Trevor Casey
12Randi Pankratz

Qualifier 5 Lineup

1Emerson Axsom
2Tanner Berryhill
3Chase Elliott
4Corey Day
5Karter Sarff
6Ryan Timms
7Brenham Crouch
8Tanner Thorson
9Ian Creager
10Ryan Newman
11Jeff Winnemauer

Qualifier 6 Lineup

1Ronnie Gardner
2Taylor Reimer
3Bryan Stanfill
4Chris Windom
5Chase Briscoe
6Daison Pursley
7Tyler Edwards
8Glenn Waterland
9Blake Brannon
10Billy Lawless
11Kevin Woody

Thursday Schedule

5 p.m. ET - Hot Laps Begin

6 p.m. ET - Qualifying Races

To Follow - D-Mains - C-Mains - B-Mains

To Follow - BC39 Feature Race


What to Expect Wednesday Night

There are two key events being held on Wednesday night: qualifying heats for Thursday's main event and the Stoops Pursuit feature. 

Drivers will be participating in one of eight heat races in which they will earn passing points to set the lineup for qualifying races on Thursday. 

Additionally, the winner of each heat race and the top points getter from each heat race will earn starting positions in the Stoops Pursuit race.

The Stoops Pursuit will consist of 25 laps broken into five, five-lap segments. The name of the game is simple: don't get passed. If you get passed during any of the segments, you are eliminated. The driver that crosses the finish line first in the final segment will be named the winner. 

Jeff Gordon will also be here tonight turning exhibition laps in a Midget and waving the green flag for the Stoops Pursuit.

A look at the car Jeff Gordon will be taking for a ride around The Dirt Track at IMS. (FloRacing photo)

Boss Man In The House

Roger Penske, the owner and operator of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is in the house to take in the sights and sounds of the BC39. Penske addressed drivers during Wednesday's driver's meeting and stressed the importance of the event, as well as his desire to make the event bigger and better moving forward. Penske encouraged drivers and teams to share any feedback that would help improve the event in future years. 

Stoops Pursuit Recap

A multi-car pileup on the opening lap of the race eliminated over 1/3 of the field. Based on the rules of the race, if a driver was involved in a caution they would be eliminated. This opening lap melee ended the night for big stars like Thomas Meseraull, Chris Windom, Logan Seavey, Chase Elliott and others. 

As drivers were eliminated one by one during the four opening segments, it set up a seven-car dash to the finish for the final five laps. The final five drivers standing, in order, were: Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant, Kyle Larson, Tanner Thorson, Brady Bacon, Zeb Wise and JJ Yeley. 

After Justin Grant knocked down the turn four wall making a bid for the lead, Cummins appeared to have the race in hand with two laps to go before spinning in turn four. Larson took advantage of Cummins' mishap and pulled away from Tanner Thorson on the green-white-checkered restart. 

Stoops Pursuit Results

1Kyle Larson25
2Tanner Thorson25
3Brady Bacon 25
4Justin Grant 25
5Zeb Wise 25
6Kyle Cummins23
7JJ Yeley21
8Chase Briscoe20
9Emerson Axsom 20
10Tyler Courtney19
11Daison Pursley 11
12Cole Bodine8
13Conor Daly 8
14Jerry Coons, Jr. 5
15Chase Randall5
16Buddy Kofoid0
17Kaylee Bryson0
18Corey Day0
19Aiden Purdue0
20Chris Windom0
21Ryan Newman0
22Spencer Bayston0
23Thomas Meseraull 0
24Logan Seavey0
25Ryan Timms0
26Chase Elliott0

Stoops Pursuit Lineup

1. Jerry Coons, Jr. 

2. Cole Bodine

3. Aiden Purdue

4. Kyle Cummins

5. Chase Briscoe

6. Chase Randall

7. Corey Day

8. Spencer Bayston

9. Ryan Timms

10. Daison Pursley

11. Buddy Kofoid

12. Justin Grant

13. Logan Seavey

14. Tyler Courtney

15. Thomas Meseraull

16. Kyle Larson

17. Chris Windom

18. Tanner Thorson

19. Chase Elliott

20. Emerson Axsom

21. Kaylee Bryson

22. Brady Bacon

23. JJ Yeley

24. Zeb Wise

25. Ryan Newman

26. Conor Daly

Top 10 In Passing Points

1) Justin Grant - 150

2) Logan Seavey - 148

3) Kyle Larson - 148

4) Thomas Meseraull - 148

5) Ryan Timms - 140

6) Daison Pursley - 138

7) Buddy Kofoid - 136

8) Spencer Bayston - 136

9) Kyle Cummins - 135

10) Jerry Coons, Jr. - 133

Heat Race Results

Heat 1 Results

12Cole Bodine
25Jerry Coons Jr. 
37Karter Sarff
48Kevin Thomas, Jr. 
54Bryan Wiedeman
66Hayden Reinbold
73Blake Brannon
81Kevin Woody

High Points: Jerry Coons, Jr. (5th to 2nd - 133 points)

Heat 2 Results

11Chase Randall
23Chase Elliott
38Buddy Kofoid
49Chris Windom
57Hayden Williams
64Carson Garrett
76Jacob Denney
82Justin Dickerson
95Tommy Kouns

High Points: Buddy Kofoid (8th to 3rd - 136 points)

Heat 3 Results

12Tyler Courtney
24Kaylee Bryson
37Chase Briscoe
41Zac Taylor
59Jason McDougal
68Emerson Axsom
76Chance Crum
83Ben Varner
95Jeff Schindler

High Points: Chase Briscoe (7th to 3rd - 131 points)

Heat 4 Results

12Aiden Purdue
28Logan Seavey
37Brady Bacon
46Ethan Mitchell
54Maria Cofer
69JJ Yeley
71Robert Ball
83Kameron Gladish
95Randi Pankratz

High Points: Logan Seavey (8th to 2nd - 148 points)

Heat 5 Results

16Justin Grant
28Kyle Larson
31Taylor Reimer
42Austin Barnhill
54Brenham Crouch
65Tanner Thorson
73Russ Gamester
89Rylan Gray
97Trevor Casey

High Points: Justin Grant (6th to 1st - 150 points)

Heat 6 Results

14Ryan Timms
26Daison Pursley
32Tanner Berryhill
43Shane Cottle
51Carson Kvapil
68Ronnie Gardner
79Tyler Edwards
85Billy Lawless
97Jeff Wimmenauer

High Points: Ryan Timms (4th to 1st - 140 points)

Heat 7 Results 

12Corey Day
28Thomas Meseraull
35Bryan Stanfill
44Gary Taylor
59Daniel Robinson
63Conor Daly
71Ryan Newman
87Aaron Leffel
96John Heydenreich

High Points: Thomas Meseraull (8th to 2nd - 148 points)

Heat 8 Results 

13Kyle Cummins
24Cannon McIntosh
38Spencer Bayston
46Zeb Wise
51Sam Johnson
65Glenn Waterland
72Jonathan Shafer
89Ian Creager
97Riley Kreisel

High Points: Spencer Bayston (8th to 3rd - 136 points)

Top 10 In Hot Laps

1Kyle Larson11.964
2Thomas Meseraull12.022
3Ethan Mitchell12.037
4Tyler Courtney12.120
5Logan Seavey12.133
6Chris Windom12.139
7Tanner Thorson12.151
8Justin Grant12.154
9Daison Pursley12.165
10Ryan Timms12.182

Heat Race Lineups

Heat 1 Lineup 

 Kevin Woody Jr. 
 Cole Bodine
 Blake Brannon
 Bryant Wiedman
 Jerry Coons Jr. 
 Hayden Reinbold
 Karter Sarff
 Kevin Thomas, Jr.

Heat 2 Lineup                                 

 Chase Randall
 Justin Dickerson
 Chase Elliott
 Carson Garrett
 Tommy Kouns
 Jacob Denney
 Hayden Williams
 Buddy Kofoid
 Chris Windom

Heat 3 Lineup                                 

 Zac Taylor
 Tyler Courtney
 Ben Varner
 Kaylee Bryson
 Jeff Schindler
 Chance Crum
 Chase Briscoe
 Emerson Axsom
 Jason McDougal

Heat 4 Lineup                                 

 Robert Bell
 Aiden Purdue
 Kameron Gladish
 Maria Cofer
 Randi Pankratz
 Ethan Mitchell
 Brady Bacon
 Logan Seavey
 J.J. Yeley

Heat 5 Lineup                                 

 Taylor Reimer
 Austin Barnhill
 Russ Gamester
 Brenham Crouch
 Tanner Thorson
 Justin Grant
 Trevor Casey
 Kyle Larson
 Rylan Gray

Heat 6 Lineup                                 

 Carson Kvapil
 Tanner Berryhill
 Shane Cottle
 Ryan Timms
 Billy Lawless
 Daison Pursley
 Jeff Wimmenauer
 Ronnie Gardner
 Tyler Edwards

Heat 7 Lineup                                 

 Ryan Newman
 Corey Day
 Conor Daly
 Gary Taylor
 Bryan Stanfill
 John Heydenreich
 Aaron Leffel
 Thomas Meseraull
 Daniel Robinson

Heat 8 Lineup                                 

 Sam Johnson
 Jonathan Shafer
 Kyle Cummins
 Cannon McIntosh  
 Glenn Waterland
 Zeb Wise
 Riley Kreisel
 Spencer Bayston
 Ian Creager