2020 Paragon Speedway | Indiana Midget Week

Stat Book: Indiana Midget Week Edition

Stat Book: Indiana Midget Week Edition

All the USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget stats that are fit to print are here for your reading enjoyment as we enter Indiana Midget Week June 16-21.

Jun 12, 2020 by Richie Murray
Stat Book: Indiana Midget Week Edition

Indiana Midget Week can be a game changer in the direction of a driver and team during a quest for a successful USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget season.

Six races, six nights and about six hours of sleep combined, give or take a few hours, throughout the week are on the order for competitors, June 16-21.

After the series got back up to speed with two tremendous events during the May 22-23 inaugural T-Town Midget Showdown at Port City Raceway in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the stats, numbers, facts and figures have been sorted with defending champion Tyler Courtney (Indianapolis, Ind.) taking over the point lead by virtue of his opening night victory at Port City.  His team, the defending series owner champions, Clauson-Marshall Racing, top the standings as well.

Courtney leads all drivers in the series with four heat race wins in five events and is one of four drivers to set fast qualifying time in the four qualifying sessions held this year, along with Cannon McIntosh (Bixby, Okla.), Kevin Thomas Jr. (Cullman, Ala.) and Tanner Thorson (Minden, Nev.).

Thorson, the 2016 series champ, remains the lone multi-time series winner this year with victories at Ocala, Fla. in February and at the Southern Illinois Center in Du Quoin in March.

Chris Windom (Canton, Ill.), who briefly led the points coming into Port City, is second in the standings with one victory, but he does lead all drivers in laps led with 58, and is the only driver to finish within the top-five and the top-ten in all five races run thus far.

Nine drivers have started all five events.  Along with Courtney, McIntosh, Thomas, Thorson and Windom, there’s also Cole Bodine (Rossville, Ind.), Tanner Carrick (Lincoln, Calif.), Buddy Kofoid (Penngrove, Calif.) and Daison Pursley (Locust Grove, Okla.).

Kofoid is this year’s top Rookie thus far, third in the standings, while last year’s Rookie of the Year, Andrew Layser (Collegeville, Pa.) has been the hard charger once along with Thorson, Windom, Zeb Wise (Angola, Ind.) and defending Indiana Midget Week champion Logan Seavey, who has made the biggest charge this year, 19th to 2nd on May 22 at Port City.

All six Indiana Midget Week events will also feature local sprint car racing as part of the racing festivities.  All nights of the IMW, along with all USAC National events in 2020, will be live on FloRacing.

Fields at each venue will be capped at 48 USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midgets and 45 Sprint Cars.  Limited spots remain.  Competitor entry for Indiana Midget Week is now open for the events not filled yet, including for Sprint Cars as well at https://usacracing.ticketspice.com/2020-midget-week-entry-for-competitors.  There, you may also purchase pit passes when entering a car.



Driver Point Leader: Tyler Courtney

Owner Point Leader: Clauson-Marshall Racing #7BC

Rookie Point Leader: Buddy Kofoid

Most Feature Wins: (2) Tanner Thorson

Laps Led: (58) Chris Windom

Top-Fives: (5) Chris Windom

Top-Tens: (5) Chris Windom

Fast Qualifying Times: (1) Tyler Courtney, Cannon McIntosh, Kevin Thomas Jr. & Tanner Thorson

Heat Race Wins: (4) Tyler Courtney

Feature Starts: (5) Cole Bodine, Tanner Carrick, Tyler Courtney, Buddy Kofoid, Cannon McIntosh, Daison Pursley, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tanner Thorson & Chris Windom

Most Times as Hard Charger: (1) Andrew Layser, Logan Seavey, Tanner Thorson, Chris Windom & Zeb Wise

Most Positions Gained in a Feature: (17) Logan Seavey (19th to 2nd on May 22 at Port City Raceway)



Feb 7: Ocala, FL – Bubba Raceway Park

WINNER: Tanner Thorson (Hayward Motorsports #19)

Feb 8: Ocala, FL – Bubba Raceway Park

WINNER: Chris Windom (Tucker-Boat Motorsports #89)

Mar 7: &&& Du Quoin, IL - Southern Illinois Center

WINNER: Tanner Thorson (Hayward Motorsports #19)

May 22: Tulsa, OK – Port City Raceway

WINNER: Tyler Courtney (Clauson-Marshall Racing #7BC)

May 23: Tulsa, OK – Port City Raceway

WINNER: Justin Grant (RAMS Racing #4A)

Jun 16: @@@ Paragon, IN - Paragon Speedway

Jun 17: @@@ Gas City, IN – Gas City I-69 Speedway

Jun 18: @@@ Putnamville, IN - Lincoln Park Speedway

Jun 19: @@@ Putnamville, IN - Lincoln Park Speedway

Jun 20: @@@ Lawrenceburg, IN - Lawrenceburg Speedway

Jun 21: @@@ Kokomo, IN – Kokomo Speedway

Jul 17: Fairbury, NE – Jefferson County Speedway

Jul 18: Fairbury, NE – Jefferson County Speedway

Jul 19: TBA - TBA

Jul 21: Meeker, OK – Red Dirt Raceway

Aug 4: *** Bechtelsville, PA – Grandview Speedway

Aug 5: *** Kutztown, PA – Action Track USA

Aug 6: *** Swedesboro, NJ – Bridgeport Speedway

Aug 7: *** Spring Run, PA – Path Valley Speedway Park

Aug 8: *** Newmanstown, PA - Lanco’s Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway

Sep 4: Sweet Springs, MO – Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex

Sep 5: Sweet Springs, MO – Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex

Sep 25: Rossburg, OH - Eldora Speedway

Sep 26: Rossburg, OH - Eldora Speedway

Oct 9: Wayne City, IL – Wayne County Speedway

Oct 10: Haubstadt, IN – Tri-State Speedway

Nov 13: San Tan Valley, AZ – Arizona Speedway

Nov 14: San Tan Valley, AZ – Arizona Speedway

Nov 17: Bakersfield, CA – Bakersfield Speedway

Nov 19: Placerville, CA – Placerville Speedway

Nov 20: Placerville, CA – Placerville Speedway

Nov 21: Placerville, CA – Placerville Speedway

Nov 26: Ventura, CA - Ventura Raceway

------------------------ KEY DEFINITIONS -------------------------

Races noted with &&& represent an indoor race.

Races noted with @@@ represent Indiana Midget Week.

Races noted with *** represent a race with the USAC Eastern Midgets presented by ARDC.



1.   (349) Tyler Courtney (Indianapolis, IN)

2.   (343) Chris Windom (Canton, IL)

3.   (295) ®Buddy Kofoid (Penngrove, CA)

4.   (294) Tanner Thorson (Minden, NV)

5.   (285) Andrew Layser (Collegeville, PA)

6.   (281) Cannon McIntosh (Bixby, OK)

7.   (277) Kevin Thomas, Jr. (Cullman, AL)

8.   (254) Cole Bodine (Rossville, IN)

9.   (244) ®Daison Pursley (Locust Grove, OK)

10. (240) Tanner Carrick (Lincoln, CA)

® = USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget Rookie



1.   (349) Clauson-Marshall Racing #7BC (Fishers, IN)

2.   (343) Tucker-Boat Motorsports #89 (Mooresville, NC)

3.   (295) Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian #67 (Columbus, IN)

4.   (294) Hayward Motorsports #19 (Morrison, IL)

5.   (285) Tucker-Boat Motorsports #82 (Mooresville, NC)

6.   (281) Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian #71K (Columbus, IN)

7.   (277) Petry Motorsports #5 (Greenfield, IN)

8.   (254) Clauson-Marshall Racing #39BC (Fishers, IN)

9.   (244) Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian #9 (Columbus, IN)

10. (240) Petry Motorsports #35 (Greenfield, IN)



1.   (295) Buddy Kofoid (Penngrove, CA)

2.   (244) Daison Pursley (Locust Grove, OK)

3.   (80) Ace McCarthy (Tahlequah, OK)

4.   (74) Oliver Akard (Ft. Myers, FL)

5.   (67) Mark Cole (Lebanon, NH)

6.   (64) Clinton Boyles (Greenwood, MO)

7.   (60) Kaylee Bryson (Muskogee, OK)

8.   (60) Trey Gropp (Lincoln, NE)

9.   (53) Jesse Love (Menlo Park, CA)

10. (39) Presley Truedson (Kennedy, MN)




2-Tanner Thorson (Feb 7 at Bubba Raceway Park & Mar 7 at the Southern Illinois Center)

1-Tyler Courtney (May 22 at Port City Raceway)

1-Justin Grant (May 23 at Port City Raceway)

1-Chris Windom (Feb 8 at Bubba Raceway Park)



58-Chris Windom

53-Tanner Thorson

29-Justin Grant

16-Tyler Courtney

15-Cannon McIntosh

10-Jerry Coons Jr.

4-Cole Bodine & Buddy Kofoid

1-Kevin Thomas Jr.



5-Chris Windom

4-Tyler Courtney

3-Cannon McIntosh & Tanner Thorson

2- Logan Seavey

1-Cole Bodine, Robert Dalby, Justin Grant, Buddy Kofoid, Andrew Layser, Kyle Simon, Kevin Thomas Jr. & Tyler Thomas



5-Chris Windom

4-Tyler Courtney, Buddy Kofoid, Andrew Layser, Daison Pursley & Tanner Thorson

3-Cole Bodine, Tanner Carrick & Cannon McIntosh

2-Justin Grant, Logan Seavey, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tyler Thomas & Zeb Wise

1-Jesse Colwell, Jerry Coons Jr., Robert Dalby, Thomas Meseraull, Trey Robb & Kyle Simon



1-Tyler Courtney, Cannon McIntosh, Kevin Thomas Jr. & Tanner Thorson


HEAT RACE WINS: (Presented by Simpson Race Products, Competition Suspension, Inc., AutoMeter & Indy Race Parts)

4-Tyler Courtney

2-Cole Bodine, Buddy Kofoid, Cannon McIntosh & Kevin Thomas Jr.

1-Clinton Boyles, Tanner Carrick, Justin Grant, Ace McCarthy, Daison Pursley, Chris Windom & Zeb Wise



1-Brady Bacon, Buddy Kofoid, Cannon McIntosh & Jake Neuman



1-Cannon McIntosh, Trey Gropp, Daison Pursley & Kyle Simon



1-Blake Hahn



5-Cole Bodine, Tanner Carrick, Tyler Courtney, Buddy Kofoid, Cannon McIntosh, Daison Pursley, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tanner Thorson & Chris Windom

4- Andrew Layser & Logan Seavey

3-Robert Dalby, Justin Grant & Tyler Thomas

2-Oliver Akard, Jonathan Beason, Clinton Boyles, Kaylee Bryson, Steve Buckwalter, Mark Cole, Jesse Colwell, Jerry Coons Jr., Jesse Love, Michael Magic, Ace McCarthy, Thomas Meseraull, Dennis Misuraca, Ethan Mitchell, Jake Neuman & Zeb Wise

1-Emerson Axsom, Brady Bacon, Robert Bell, Dave Darland, Hank Davis, Trey Gropp, Emilio Hoover, Sam Johnson, Chase Jones, Trey Marcham, Jason McDougal, Ethan Mitchell, Trey Robb, Kendall Ruble, Kyle Simon & Presley Truedson



Feb 7: Bubba Raceway Park – Zeb Wise (12th to 6th)

Feb 8: Bubba Raceway Park – Chris Windom (10th to 1st)

Mar 7: Southern Illinois Center – Tanner Thorson (15th to 1st)

May 22: Port City Raceway – Logan Seavey (19th to 2nd)

May 23: Port City Raceway – Andrew Layser (21st to 6th)



Feb 7: Bubba Raceway Park – Steve Buckwalter

Feb 8: Bubba Raceway Park – Tanner Thorson

Mar 7: Southern Illinois Center – Ace McCarthy

May 22: Port City Raceway – Thomas Meseraull

May 23: Port City Raceway – Jason McDougal



Mar 7: Southern Illinois Center – Aiden Purdue & Anthony Nicholson

May 22: Port City Raceway – Trey Marcham

May 23: Port City Raceway – Blake Hahn



1. [111 wins] Mel Kenyon

2. [95 wins] Rich Vogler

3. [78 wins] Bob Wente

4. [63 wins] Bob Tattersall

5. [59 wins] Sleepy Tripp

6. [48 wins] Jimmy Davies

7. [38 wins] Bryan Clauson

8. [35 wins] Tracy Hines

9. [31 wins] Gene Hartley & Chuck Rodee

11. [30 wins] Dave Darland, Mike McGreevy & Johnny Parsons

14. [27 wins] Gary Bettenhausen & Tony Stewart

16. [25 wins] Darren Hagen, Parnelli Jones & Dave Strickland

19. [24 wins] Billy Engelhart

20. [23 wins] Christopher Bell, Tom Bigelow, Pancho Carter, Tommy Copp, Kevin Olson & Billy Vukovich

26. [22 wins] Bobby East & Shorty Templeman

28. [21 wins] Steve Cannon, Jimmy Caruthers, Rex Easton & Ken Schrader

32. [20 wins] A.J. Foyt

33. [19 wins] Jerry Coons Jr., Stan Fox, Kyle Larson & Jason Leffler

37. [18 wins] Dave Steele

38. [17 wins] Jay Drake & J.J. Yeley

40. [16 wins] Rico Abreu, George Amick, Billy Cantrell, Lee Kunzman, Bobby Olivero & Henry Pens

46. [15 wins] Don Branson, Larry Rice & Tanner Thorson

49. [14 wins] Chuck Arnold, Tyler Courtney, Jack Turner & Leroy Warriner

53. [13 wins] Steve Knepper, Don Meacham, Ryan Newman & Stevie Reeves

57. [12 wins] Danny Caruthers, Gene Force, Russ Gamester, Jeff Gordon, Bobby Grim & Ron Shuman

63. [11 wins] Kasey Kahne, Jimmy Knight, Bob McLean, Johnny Moorhouse, Bobby Santos & Brad Sweet

69. [10 wins] Allen Heath, Doug Kalitta, Brad Kuhn, Steve Lotshaw, Jerry McClung & Chuck Weyant

75. [9 wins] Billy Boat, Chad Boat, Tony Elliott & Chuck Gurney

79. [8 wins] Brady Bacon, Merle Bettenhausen, Tony Bettenhausen, Hank Butcher, Kevin Doty, Dan Drinan, Ronnie Duman, Brian Gerster, Kenny Irwin Jr, Eddie Johnson, Michael Lewis, Andy Michner & Josh Wise

92. [7 wins] Tommy Astone, Jack Hewitt, Don Horvath, Page Jones, Kenneth Nichols, Larry Patton, Les Scott, Len Sutton & Johnnie Tolan

101. [6 wins] Donnie Beechler, George Benson, Dana Carter, Bob Cicconi, Robby Flock, Nick Fornoro, Jr., Arnie Knepper, Logan Seavey, Ricky Shelton, Mike Streicher, Dave Strickland, Jr., Kevin Thomas, Jr. & Roger West

114. [5 wins] Spencer Bayston, Mike Bliss, Lonnie Caruthers, Larry Dickson, Mike Fedorcak, Burt Foland, Justin Grant, Mack McClellan, Danny McKnight, Cliff Spalding, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. & Jerry Weeks

126. [4 wins] Caleb Armstrong, Teddy Beach, Johnny Boyd, Frank Burany, Russ Congdon, Ray Elliott, Aaron Fike, Danny Frye, Billy Garrett, Mike Gregg, Jim Hettinger, John Heydenreich, Bubby Jones, Levi Jones, Andy Linden, Bobby Marshman, Roger McCluskey, Billy Mehner, Ken Nichols, Jeff Nuckles, Jan Opperman, Michael Pickens, Gary Ponzini, Davey Ray, Eddie Sachs, Don Schilling, Sam Sessions, George Snider, Dale Swaim, Kevin Swindell, Rodger Ward & Zeb Wise

158. [3 wins] John Batts, Gays Biro, Shane Cottle, Allen Crowe, Zach Daum, Bruce Field, A.J. Fike, Drew Fornoro, Gene Gennetten, Rick Goudy, Bob Hare, Bob Hauck, Jeff Heywood, Bill Homeier, Sam Isenhower, Jim Keeker, Jim McClean, Warren Mockler, Dave Moses, Earl Motter, Jerry Nuckles, Danny Oakes, Johnnie Parsons, Porky Rachwitz, Johnny Riva, Johnny Roberts, Lowell Sachs, Billy Shuman, Tom Steiner, Bobby Unser, Billy Wease & Chris Windom

190. [2 wins] Al Alpern, Sonny Ates, Johnny Baldwin, Jim Beckley, Dean Billings, Alan Brown, Jack Calabrase, Johnny Cofer, Mel Cornett, Cotton Farmer, Terry Farrar, Joe Garson, Chuck Gurney, Jr., Kyle Hamilton, Bob Hogle, Rick Hood, P.J. Jones, Critter Malone, Jimmy McCune, Jason McDougal, Aaron Pollock, Barry Reed, Lloyd Ruby, Joe Saldana, Tom Sellberg, Tony Simon, Danny Stratton, Kody Swanson, Steve Troxell, Don Vogler, Bruce Walkup, Terry Wente, Johnny White, Tommy White & Cole Whitt

225. [1 win] John Andretti, Mario Andretti, Mike Appio, Dick Atkins, Paul Bates, Harry Beck, Bud Bogard, Tony Bonadies, Dan Boorse, Don Boorse, Dwight Brown, Steve Buckwalter, Barry Butterworth, Gary Byers, Larry Cannon, Tyce Carlson, Ed Carpenter, Tanner Carrick, Dane Carter, Billy Cassella, Bill Chennault, Bill Clemons, Roy Cook, Jr., Ryan Durst, Edgar Elder, Todd Forbes, Joe Gaerte, Bradley Galedrige, Steve Gennetten, Elmer George, Potsy Goacher, Shane Golobic, David Gough, Ron Gregory, Norm Hall, Bob Harkey, Vern Harriman, Scott Hatton, Al Herman, Jordan Hermansader, Mike Hess, Jim Hines, Ted Hines, Shane Hmiel, Dean Holden, Blake Hollingsworth, Chuck Hulse, Buddy Irwin, Eddie Jackson, Van Johnson, Brent Kaeding, Bud Kaeding, Jimmy Kirk, Kevin Koch, Randy Koch, Bill Kollman, Cory Kruseman, Michael Lang, Greg Leffler, Larry McCloskey, Jim McElreath, Mel McGaughy, Cannon McIntosh, John Meyers, J.R. Miller, Travis Miniea, Russ Moynagh, Richard Myhre, Dick Northam, Hank Nykaza, Brian Olson, Danny O'Neill, Jim Packard, Wally Pankratz, Forrest Parker, Gene Pastor, Gary Patterson, Danny Pens, Jiggs Peters, Dick Pole, Richard Powell, Buddy Rackley, Keith Rauch, Dave Ray, Jimmy Reece, Bob Richards, Bruce Robey, Johnny Rodriguez, Gene Roehl, Jack Runyon, Sam Sauer, Gio Scelzi, Dutch Schaefer, Ryan Scott, Frank Secrist, Jimmy Sills, Jigger Sirois, Lee Smith, Ron Smoker, Ned Spath, J.P. Standley, Graham Standring, Jerry Stone, Tanner Swanson, Buddy Taylor, Tyler Thomas, Randy Tolsma, Leo Tucker, Bob Veith, Joe Walter, Eric Wilkins, Mauri Wilson, Doug Wolfgang & Billy Wood



1956: Shorty Templeman, 1957: Shorty Templeman, 1958: Shorty Templeman, 1959: Gene Hartley, 1960: Jimmy Davies, 1961: Jimmy Davies, 1962: Jimmy Davies, 1963: Bob Wente, 1964: Mel Kenyon, 1965: Mike McGreevy, 1966: Mike McGreevy, 1967: Mel Kenyon, 1968: Mel Kenyon, 1969: Bob Tattersall, 1970: Jimmy Caruthers, 1971: Danny Caruthers, 1972: Pancho Carter, 1973: Larry Rice, 1974: Mel Kenyon, 1975: Sleepy Tripp, 1976: Sleepy Tripp, 1977: Mel Kenyon, 1978: Rich Vogler, 1979: Steve Lotshaw, 1980: Rich Vogler, 1981: Mel Kenyon, 1982: Kevin Olson, 1983: Rich Vogler, 1984: Tom Bigelow, 1985: Mel Kenyon, 1986: Rich Vogler, 1987: Kevin Olson, 1988: Rich Vogler, 1989: Russ Gamester, 1990: Jeff Gordon, 1991: Mike Streicher, 1992: Stevie Reeves, 1993: Stevie Reeves, 1994: Tony Stewart, 1995: Tony Stewart, 1996: Kenny Irwin Jr., 1997: Jason Leffler, 1998: Jason Leffler, 1999: Jason Leffler, 2000: Kasey Kahne, 2001: Dave Darland, 2002: Dave Darland, 2003: J.J. Yeley, 2004: Bobby East, 2005: Josh Wise, 2006: Jerry Coons, Jr., 2007: Jerry Coons, Jr., 2008: Cole Whitt, 2009: Brad Kuhn, 2010: Bryan Clauson, 2011: Bryan Clauson, 2012: Darren Hagen, 2013: Christopher Bell, 2014: Rico Abreu, 2015: Tracy Hines, 2016: Tanner Thorson, 2017: Spencer Bayston, 2018: Logan Seavey, 2019: Tyler Courtney



1956: Ashley Wright, 1957: Lloyd Rahn, 1958: Lloyd Rahn, 1959: Ray Bolander, 1960: Jimmy Davies, 1961: Howard Linne, 1962: Jimmy Davies, 1963: Robert Shadday, 1964: Willard Coil, 1965: Mel & Don Kenyon, 1966: Don Kenyon, 1967: Mel & Don Kenyon, 1968: Mel & Don Kenyon, 1969: Jack Stroud, 1970: Doug Caruthers, 1971: Doug Caruthers, 1972: Shannon Buick Company, 1973: Doug Caruthers, 1974: Don Kenyon, 1975: Ron Tripp, 1976: Ron Tripp, 1977: Sherman Armstrong, 1978: Doug & Dana Caruthers, 1979: 3-K Racing Enterprises, 1980: Don Kenyon, 1981: 3-K Racing Enterprises, 1982: Nick Gojmeric, 1983: Streicher Racing, 1984: Wilke Racing, 1985: 3-K Racing Enterprises, 1986: Jonathan Byrd, 1987: Jonathan Byrd, 1988: Wilke Racers, 1989: George & Gary Gamester, 1990: Streicher Racing, 1991: Streicher Racing, 1992: Ralph Potter, 1993: Steve Lewis, 1994: Ralph Potter, 1995: Steve Lewis, 1996: Steve Lewis, 1997: Pete Willoughby, 1998: Steve Lewis, 1999: Steve Lewis, 2000: Steve Lewis, 2001: Steve Lewis, 2002: Steve Lewis, 2003: Steve Lewis, 2004: Steve Lewis, 2005: Wilke-Pak Racers, 2006: Keith Kunz Motorsports, 2007: Wilke-Pak Racers, 2008: Keith Kunz Motorsports, 2009: RW Motorsports, 2010: Corey Tucker Racing/Keith Kunz Motorsports/BCI, 2011: Corey Tucker Racing/BCI/Curb-Agajanian, 2012: Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian, 2013: Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian, 2014: Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian, 2015: Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian, 2016: Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian, 2017: Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian, 2018: Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian, 2019: Clauson/Marshall Racing



1969: Billy Engelhart, 1970: Danny Brown, 1971: Danny Caruthers, 1972: Tommy Astone, 1973: Mike Gregg, 1974: Richard Powell, 1975: Larry Patton, 1976: James McElreath, 1977: Lonnie Caruthers, 1978: Tommy Thomas, 1979: Barry Butterworth, 1980: Trevor Boys, 1981: Sherman Armstrong, 1982: Chris Maxson, 1983: John Andretti, 1984: Russ Gamester, 1985: Bobby Allen, 1986: Steve Enlow, 1987: John Meyers, 1988: Jim Keeker, 1989: Jeff Gordon, 1990: Dan Ford, 1991: Doug Kalitta, 1992: Brian Gerster, 1993: Chuck Leary, 1994: David Bridges, 1995: Ryan Newman, 1996: Carl Olsen, 1997: Nick Lundgreen, 1998: Michael Lewis, 1999: A.J. Fike, 2000: Aaron Fike, 2001: Bobby East, 2002: Teddy Beach & Ron Gregory, 2003: Ryan Durst, 2004: Todd Beach, 2005: Darren Hagen, 2006: Bryan Clauson, 2007: Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., 2008: Chad Boat, 2009: Zach Daum, 2010: Daniel Bedford, 2011: Kyle Larson, 2012: Rico Abreu, 2013: Christopher Bell, 2014: Kevin Thomas, Jr., 2015: Spencer Bayston, 2016: Carson Macedo, 2017: Tanner Carrick, 2018: Logan Seavey. 2019: Andrew Layser