Western Stars Take On USAC National's Best at Oval Nats


The chase for the AMSOIL USAC/CRA Sprint Car Championship heads to Perris Auto Speedway for the 24th Annual Budweiser Oval Nationals presented by All Coast Construction.

Since 1996, the Budweiser Oval Nationals has been one of the most prestigious events for non-wing sprint car racing across the country. Jimmy Sills won the inaugural event and there have been fifteen different drivers that have claimed the checkered flags. Bud Kaeding, Dave Darland, and Damion Gardner lead all drivers with three Oval National wins. Alabama’s Kevin Thomas Jr. has claimed the last two Oval Nationals and has a chance to become the only driver with three consecutive victories. The winner’s list is at the end of this release.

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Nov. 7-9 | 9am ET

Entering the 19th point race, there have been 11 different winners with USAC/CRA. Gardner has three victories, while Brody Roa, Hunter Schuerenberg, Jake Swanson, Richard Vander Weerd, and Austin Williams are tied with two wins. Josh Hodges, Chase Johnson, R.J. Johnson, Austin Liggett, and Troy Rutherford have one win on the season.

Heading to Perris Auto Speedway, Gardner has a 55-point lead over the competition. Piloting Mark Alexander’s #4 Trench Shoring / All Coast Construction Spike, Gardner led five laps at the September 28th “Hall of Fame Classic” before scoring fourth at Arizona Speedway. To date, the seven-time USAC/CRA champion has three feature wins, nine Woodland Auto Display Fast Time Awards and seven heat race victories. He also has 86 feature laps led to his credit. The three-time Oval Nationals winner (2009, 2011, 2016) leads all drivers with 83 series wins and will be looking to add another eagle trophy to his collection.

Williams (Yorba Linda, CA) ranks second in the chase for the championship. Driving Tom and Laurie Sertich’s #92 Huntington Beach Glass & Mirror / Lucas Oil DRC, Williams scored a third place finish at the September 28th “Hall of Fame Classic.” He has two feature wins, two Woodland Auto Display Fast Time Awards, three heat race victories, one Specialty Fasteners Hard Charger Award and 16 top-10 finishes. In addition he has 27 feature laps led in the campaign. The 2009 USAC/CRA Co-Rookie of the Year is tied with Ryan Bernal, David Cardey, and Richard Vander Weerd with nine triumphs and will have his sights on joining his father, Rip Williams, on the Oval Nationals winner’s list.

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Nov. 7-9 | 9am ET

Roa (Garden Grove, CA) sits third in the championship point standings. Racing Dwight Cheney’s #42 Racing Optics / Sander Engineering Maxim, Roa had a ninth place finish at Arizona Speedway’s “Hall of Fame Classic.” To date, the 2016 USAC West Coast champion has two feature wins, three heat race victories, fourteen top-10 finishes, and 105 feature laps led to his credit. Currently he is tied with Darland, Rickie Gaunt, and Danny Sheridan with eight USAC/CRA wins.

Jake Swanson (Anaheim, CA) is fourth in the USAC/CRA point standings. Piloting John Grau and Mike Burkhart’s #34AZ Stratis Construction / KSE Custom Drywall DRC, Swanson led 16 laps at San Tan Valley before a flip resulted in an 18th place finish at the “Hall of Fame Classic.” The 2017 USAC West Coast Champion has two feature wins, two Woodland Auto Display Fast Time Awards, one dash win, six heat race victories, and 59 feature laps led on the year. The 2012 USAC/CRA Rookie of the Year is tied with Darren Hagen, Kevin Swindell, and Chris Windom with four victories.

Chris Gansen (Verdemont Heights, CA) ranks fifth in the USAC/CRA point chase. Driving the family owned #4G Trench Shoring / Circle Track Performance Maxim, Gansen scored a 16th place finish at the September 28th main event at San Tan Valley. To date, Chris has posted two Wilwood Disc Brakes Lucky 13 Awards, seven top-10 finishes, and 15 feature laps led in the campaign. He is tied with Sterling Cling for 23rd in SouthWest points and will have his sights on his first career USAC/CRA victory at Perris Auto Speedway.

Watch Oval Nationals Live | Full Entries | Schedule

Nov. 7-9 | 9am ET

Currently ranked ninth in points, Eddie Tafoya Jr. (Chino Hills, CA) leads the chase for Rookie of the Year honors. Steve Hix (Ventura, CA), and Jeff Dyer (Bermuda Dunes, CA) are also in contention.

Roa (Garden Grove, CA) leads a strong contingent with the Sands Chevrolet USAC SouthWest Sprint Car Series. R.J. Johnson, Stevie Sussex, “Chargin” Charles Davis Jr., “The Magic Man” Mike Martin, Jake Swanson, Matt Lundy, Chris Bonneau, Michael Curtis, and “The Real American” Matt Rossi round out the top-10 drivers. 

C.J. Leary (Greenfield, IN) leads the AMSOIL USAC National point chase. “Sunshine” Tyler Courtney, Kevin Thomas Jr., Justin Grant, “The Bear” Chris Windom, “The Macho Man” Brady Bacon, Chase Stockon, Jason McDougal, Carson Short, and Isaac Chapple round out the top-10 in points.


AMSOIL USAC/CRA SPRINT CAR CHAMPIONS: 2004-Rip Williams, 2005-Damion Gardner, 2006-Cory Kruseman, 2007-Tony Jones, 2008-Mike Spencer, 2009-Mike Spencer, 2010-Mike Spencer, 2011-Mike Spencer, 2012-Mike Spencer, 2013-Damion Gardner, 2014-Damion Gardner, 2015-Damion Gardner, 2016-Damion Gardner, 2017-Damion Gardner, 2018-Damion Gardner.

BUDWEISER OVAL NATIONALS WINNERS: 1996-Jimmy Sills, 1997-Rip Williams, 1998-Rodney Argo, 1999-Rickie Gaunt, 2000-Tony Jones, 2001-Bud Kaeding, 2002-Bud Kaeding, 2003-Cory Kruseman, 2004-Cory Kruseman, 2005-Dave Darland, 2006-Dave Darland, 2007-Bud Kaeding, 2008-Jesse Hockett, 2009-Damion Gardner, 2010-Chris Windom, 2011-Damion Gardner, 2012-Mike Spencer, 2013-Dave Darland, 2014-Robert Ballou, 2015-Bryan Clauson, 2016-Damion Gardner, 2017-Kevin Thomas Jr., 2018-Kevin Thomas Jr.

2019 AMSOIL USAC/CRA SPRINT CAR WINS: 3-Damion Gardner, 2-Brody Roa, 2-Hunter Schuerenberg, 2-Jake Swanson, 2-Richard Vander Weerd, 1-Josh Hodges, 1-Chase Johnson, 1-R.J. Johnson, 1-Austin Liggett, 1-Troy Rutherford, 1-Austin Williams.

PERRIS AMSOIL USAC/CRA SPRINT CAR WINS: 46-Damion Gardner, 24-Mike Spencer, 19-Tony Jones, 17-Cory Kruseman, 9-Nic Faas, 8-David Cardey, 8-Richard Vander Weerd, 7-Rip Williams, 6-Bryan Clauson, 6-Mike Kirby, 6-Matt Mitchell, 6-Danny Sheridan, 5-Rickie Gaunt, 5-Justin Grant, 5-Austin Williams, 4-Robert Ballou, 4-Dave Darland, 4-R.J. Johnson, 3-Garrett Hansen, 2-Darren Hagen, 2-Jesse Hockett, 2-Levi Jones, 2-Blake Miller, 2-Brody Roa, 2-Kevin Thomas Jr., 2-Chris Windom, 1-Chad Boespflug, 1-Greg Bragg, 1-Daron Clayton, 1-Charles Davis Jr., 1-Josh Ford, 1-Josh Hodges, 1-Bud Kaeding, 1-Adam Mitchell, 1-Johnny Rodriguez, 1-Hunter Schuerenberg, 1-Chase Stockon, 1-Jake Swanson, 1-Scotty Weir, 1-Jason York.

AMSOIL USAC/CRA SPRINT CAR POINT STANDINGS: 1. Damion Gardner-1215, 2. Austin Williams-1160, 3. Brody Roa-1116, 4. Jake Swanson-1012, 5. Chris Gansen-790, 6. Tommy Malcolm-732, 7. Charles Davis Jr.-651, 8. Matt McCarthy-635, 9. Eddie Tafoya Jr. ®-600, 10. Danny Faria Jr.-583, 11. R.J. Johnson-575, 12. Steve Hix ®-546, 13. Mike Martin-519, 14. Richard Vander Weerd-508, 15. Cody Williams-495, 16. Austin Liggett-453, 17. Stevie Sussex-426, 18. Verne Sweeney-391, 19. Jace Vander Weerd-351, 20. A.J. Bender-307.

SANDS CHEVROLET USAC SOUTHWEST SPRINT CAR POINT STANDINGS: 1. Brody Roa-897, 2. R.J. Johnson-887, 3. Stevie Sussex-828, 4. Charles Davis Jr.-790, 5. Mike Martin-655, 6. Jake Swanson-578, 7. Matt Lundy-500, 8. Chris Bonneau-434, 9. Michael Curtis-433, 10. Matt Rossi-413, 11. Austin Williams-401, 12. Damion Gardner-342, 13. Tommy Malcolm-256, 14. Dennis Gile-242, 15. Matt McCarthy-223, 16. Stephen Sanchez ®-208, 17. Josh Hodges-202, 18. Jonas Reynolds-201, 19. Isaac Chapple-200, 20. Hunter Schuerenberg-197.

AMSOIL USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR POINT STANDINGS: 1. C.J. Leary-2003, 2. Tyler Courtney-1956, 3. Kevin Thomas Jr.-1861, 4. Justin Grant-1850, 5. Chris Windom-1843, 6. Brady Bacon-1837, 7. Chase Stockon-1757, 8. Jason McDougal-1483, 9. Carson Short-1361, 10. Isaac Chapple-1193, 11. Kyle Cummins-899, 12. Dave Darland-866, 13. Josh Hodges-726, 14. Dustin Clark ®-678, 15. Chad Boespflug-669, 16. Robert Ballou-568, 17. Max Adams-566, 18. Brian VanMeveren ®-549, 19. Matt Westfall-512, 20. Timmy Buckwalter-435.



March 8: #Canyon Speedway Park – Peoria, AZ (Winner: Josh Hodges) 

March 9: #Canyon Speedway Park – Peoria, AZ (Winner: Hunter Schuerenberg) 

March 30: Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Winner: Brody Roa)

April 13: Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Winner: Richard Vander Weerd)

May 4: Ventura Raceway – Ventura, CA (Winner: Troy Rutherford)

May 11: Bakersfield Speedway – Bakersfield, CA (Winner: Damion Gardner)

May 25: Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Winner: Hunter Schuerenberg)

June 29: Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Winner: Richard Vander Weerd)

July 6: Santa Maria Raceway – Santa Maria, CA (Winner: Brody Roa) 

July 13: #Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Winner: Damion Gardner)

August 17: #Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Winner: Jake Swanson)

August 31: Calistoga Speedway – Calistoga, CA (Winner: Austin Williams)

September 1: Calistoga Speedway – Calistoga, CA (Winner: Jake Swanson)

September 2: Petaluma Speedway – Petaluma, CA (Winner: Chase Johnson)

September 6: Merced Speedway – Merced, CA (Winner: Austin Liggett)

September 7: Santa Maria Raceway – Santa Maria, CA (Winner: Damion Gardner)

September 21: Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Winner: Austin Williams)

September 28: #Arizona Speedway – San Tan Valley, AZ (Winner: R.J. Johnson)

November 7: *#Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Oval Nationals)

November 8: *#Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Oval Nationals)

November 9: *#Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA (Oval Nationals)

November 15: *#Arizona Speedway – San Tan Valley, AZ (Western World Championships)

November 16: *#Arizona Speedway – San Tan Valley, AZ (Western World Championships)


* = Co-Sanctioned Event with AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Cars.

# = Co-Sanctioned Event with Sands Chevrolet USAC SouthWest Sprint Cars.

This schedule is subject to change.

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