USAC Stat Book: Smackdown Edition

We’re on the road and headed to Indiana's Kokomo Speedway for four-straight-events for the USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship, beginning with the non-points #GYATK Night on Wednesday, Aug. 21 and three consecutive nights of Sprint Car Smackdown VIII Aug. 22-23-24.

Tyler Courtney was the winningest driver of 2018 and he’s now the leading winner of 2019 with five feature victories thus far to go along with 10 heat race wins, but C.J. Leary and Reinbold/Underwood Motorsports remain atop the driver and owner standings with a series-leading eight fast qualifying times, 16 top-fives and 21 top-tens in 21 starts.

Brian VanMeveren leads a tight Rookie of the Year battle by a single point over Dustin Christie while Brady Bacon leads all drivers with 119 laps led.

The racing festivities at Kokomo first get underway on Wednesday, August 21, with #GYATK Night, a USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car non-points Special Event in honor of the late, great Bryan Clauson, winner of the first Smackdown in 2012.  Admission is FREE for all racefans.  Driver pit passes are also all FREE courtesy of AllStar Performance.  All gates open at 3pm Eastern, draw closes at USAC trailer at 6:10pm, drivers meeting in front grandstands at 6:15pm and cars on track at 6:30pm.

For the first two nights of Smackdown on Thursday, August 22 and Friday, August 23, all gates open at 3pm Eastern with cars on track at 6:45pm.  Adult general admission tickets are $25 and children age 12 and under free.  Pit passes are $35 apiece.  3-day advance reserved: $80.00, call 815-468-8690 for tickets. Advanced tickets sales will end on 8/19, after 8/19 3-day tickets can be purchased at the ticket window on race night for $85.00.

On the final night of Smackdown on Saturday, August 24, all gates open at 3pm Easter with cars on track at 6pm.  Adult general admission tickets are $35 and children age 12 and under free.  Pit passes are $45 apiece.  The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series will also be on the event card.

All three nights of Smackdown, in addition to #GYATK Night, will be shown live and on-demand on FloRacing.  You can listen to live audio of each night on the USAC app and follow along with live timing and scoring on the Race-Monitor app as well as the USAC app.



Most Wins: (5) Tyler Courtney

Driver Point Leader: C.J. Leary

Owner Point Leader: Reinbold/Underwood Motorsports #19AZ

Leading Rookie Driver: Brian VanMeveren

Laps Led: (119) Brady Bacon

Top-Fives: (16) C.J. Leary

Top-Tens: (21) C.J. Leary

Fast Qualifying Times: (8) C.J. Leary

Heat Race Wins: (10) Tyler Courtney

Feature Starts: 9 drivers with 21

Most Times as Hard Charger (4) Brady Bacon & Tyler Courtney



Feb 14: Ocala, FL - Bubba Raceway Park

WINNER: Chris Windom (Goacher Racing #5G)

Feb 15: Ocala, FL - Bubba Raceway Park

WINNER: Justin Grant (TOPP Motorsports #4)

Feb 16: Ocala, FL - Bubba Raceway Park

WINNER: C.J. Leary (Reinbold/Underwood Motorsports #19)

Apr 12: Bloomington, IN - Bloomington Speedway

WINNER: Brady Bacon (Dynamics, Inc. #69)

May 10: Rossburg, OH - Eldora Speedway

WINNER: Tyler Courtney (Clauson/Marshall/Newman Racing #7BC)

May 17: Granite City, IL – Tri-City Speedway

WINNER: Chris Windom (Goacher Racing #5G)

May 22: Terre Haute, IN - Terre Haute Action Track

WINNER: Chase Stockon (32 TBI Racing #32)

Jun 11: (E) Bechtelsville, PA - Grandview Speedway

WINNER: Brady Bacon (Dynamics, Inc. #69)

Jun 12: (E) Swedesboro, NJ – Bridgeport Speedway

WINNER: Jason McDougal (Daigh/Phillips #71p)

Jun 15: (E) Port Royal, PA – Port Royal Speedway

WINNER: Tyler Courtney (Clauson/Marshall/Newman Racing #7BC)

Jul 5: Knoxville, IA – Knoxville Raceway

WINNER: Brady Bacon (Dynamics, Inc. #69)

Jul 6: Knoxville, IA – Knoxville Raceway

WINNER: Brady Bacon (Dynamics, Inc. #69)

Jul 17: Rossburg, OH - Eldora Speedway

WINNER: Tyler Courtney (Clauson/Marshall/Newman Racing #7BC)

Jul 18: (I) Gas City, IN – Gas City I-69 Speedway

WINNER: Shane Cottle (Epperson Racing #2E)

Jul 19: (I) Plymouth, IN – Plymouth Speedway

WINNER: Tyler Courtney (Clauson/Marshall/Newman Racing #7BC)

Jul 20: (I) Kokomo, IN - Kokomo Speedway

WINNER: Chris Windom (Goacher Racing #5G)

Jul 21: (I) Lawrenceburg, IN - Lawrenceburg Speedway

WINNER: Justin Grant (TOPP Motorsports #4)

Jul 24: (I) Terre Haute, IN - Terre Haute Action Track

WINNER: Tyler Courtney (Clauson/Marshall/Newman Racing #7BC)

Jul 25: (I) Putnamville, IN - Lincoln Park Speedway

WINNER: Kyle Cummins (Rock Steady Racing #3R)

Jul 26: (I) Bloomington, IN - Bloomington Speedway

WINNER: Kevin Thomas, Jr. (Hayward/Thomas Motorsports #19)

Jul 27: (I) Haubstadt, IN - Tri-State Speedway

WINNER: Kyle Cummins (Rock Steady Racing #3R)

Aug 21: (SE) Kokomo, IN - Kokomo Speedway

Aug 22: Kokomo, IN - Kokomo Speedway

Aug 23: Kokomo, IN - Kokomo Speedway

Aug 24: Kokomo, IN - Kokomo Speedway

Aug 30: Granite City, IL – Tri-City Speedway

Sep 13: Terre Haute, IN - Terre Haute Action Track

Sep 14: (M) Haubstadt, IN - Tri-State Speedway

Sep 26: Gas City, IN – Gas City I-69 Speedway

Sep 28: Rossburg, OH - Eldora Speedway

Oct 5: Lawrenceburg, IN - Lawrenceburg Speedway

Oct 11: Terre Haute, IN – Terre Haute Action Track

Nov 7: © Perris, CA - Perris Auto Speedway

Nov 8: © Perris, CA - Perris Auto Speedway

Nov 9: © Perris, CA - Perris Auto Speedway

Nov 15: © San Tan Valley, AZ - Arizona Speedway

Nov 16: © San Tan Valley, AZ - Arizona Speedway

------------------------ KEY DEFINITIONS -------------------------

Races noted with (M) represent a race co-sanctioned by MSCS.

Races noted with (SE) represent a non-points-paying "Special Event"

Races noted with (E) represent Eastern Storm

Races noted with (I) represent Indiana Sprint Week

Races noted with © represent a race with the AMSOIL USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series



1.   (1,519) C.J. Leary (Greenfield, IN)

2.   (1,397) Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK)

3.   (1,364) Tyler Courtney (Indianapolis, IN)

4.   (1,353) Kevin Thomas, Jr. (Cullman, AL)

5.   (1,335) Chris Windom (Canton, IL)

6.   (1,318) Justin Grant (Ione, CA)

7.   (1,314) Chase Stockon (Fort Branch, IN)

8.   (1,151) Carson Short (Marion, IL)

9.   (1,139) Jason McDougal (Broken Arrow, OK)

10. (883) Isaac Chapple (Willow Branch, IN)



1.   (1,519) Reinbold/Underwood Motorsports #19AZ

2.   (1,397) Dynamics, Inc. #69

3.   (1,364) Clauson/Marshall/Newman Racing #7BC

4.   (1,353) Hayward/Thomas Motorsports #19

5.   (1,335) Goacher Racing #5G

6.   (1,318) TOPP Motorsports #4

7.   (1,314) 32 TBI Racing #32

8.   (1,139) Daigh/Phillips Motorsports #71p

9.   (993) RCM Motorsports #21

10. (883) LNR/Isaac Chapple Racing #52



1.   (469) Brian VanMeveren (Woodbury, MN)

2.   (468) Dustin Christie (Washington, IN)

3.   (219) Stephen Schnapf (Evansville, IN)

4.   (215) T.J. Artz (Lincoln, NE)

5.   (212) Terry Richards (Denton, NE)

6.   (116) Kent Schmidt (Owensville, IN)

7.   (109) Zane Hendricks (Stillwater, OK),

8.   (99) Dustin Ingle (Lima, OH)

9.   (95) Tom Harris (Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK)

10. (74) Ty Tilton (Lima, OH)




1. (5) Tyler Courtney (May 10 at Eldora Speedway, Jun 15 at Port Royal Speedway, Jul 17 at Eldora Speedway, Jul 19 at Plymouth Speedway & Jul 24 at the Terre Haute Action Track)

2. (4) Brady Bacon (Apr 12 at Bloomington Speedway, Jun 11 at Grandview Speedway, Jul 5 at Knoxville Raceway & Jul 6 at Knoxville Raceway)

3. (3) Chris Windom (Feb 14 at Bubba Raceway Park, May 17 at Tri-City Speedway & Jul 20 at Kokomo Speedway)

4. (2) Kyle Cummins (Jul 25 at Lincoln Park Speedway & Jul 27 at Tri-State Speedway)

    (2) Justin Grant (Feb 15 at Bubba Raceway Park & Jul 21 at Lawrenceburg Speedway)

6. (1) Shane Cottle (Jul 18 at Gas City I-69 Speedway)

    (1) C.J. Leary (Feb 16 at Bubba Raceway Park)

    (1) Jason McDougal (Jun 12 at Bridgeport Speedway)

    (1) Chase Stockon (May 22 at the Terre Haute Action Track)

    (1) Kevin Thomas, Jr. (Jul 26 at Bloomington Speedway)



1.   (119) Brady Bacon

2.   (105) Tyler Courtney

3.   (67) C.J. Leary

4.   (56) Kevin Thomas, Jr.

5.   (53) Justin Grant

6.   (52) Chris Windom

7.   (40) Jason McDougal

8.   (36) Chase Stockon

9.   (35) Kyle Cummins

10. (26) Stephen Schnapf

11. (19) Scotty Weir

12. (11) Robert Ballou

13. (9) Carson Short

14. (6) Jarett Andretti

15. (1) Shane Cottle



1.   (16) C.J. Leary

2.   (14) Kevin Thomas, Jr. & Chris Windom

4.   (13) Tyler Courtney

5.   (12) Brady Bacon

6.   (11) Justin Grant

7.   (7) Chase Stockon

8.   (4) Jason McDougal

9.   (3) Kyle Cummins & Carson Short

11. (2) Robert Ballou

12. (1) Chad Boespflug, Isaac Chapple, Shane Cottle, Brandon Mattox, Stephen Schnapf & Scotty Weir



1.   (21) C.J. Leary

2.   (19) Brady Bacon & Chase Stockon

4.   (18) Justin Grant & Chris Windom

6.   (17) Tyler Courtney & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

8.   (14) Jason McDougal

9.   (12) Carson Short

10. (9) Kyle Cummins

11. (7) Robert Ballou

12. (4) Chad Boespflug & Isaac Chapple

14. (3) Dave Darland

15. (2) Jarett Andretti, Ryan Bernal, Timmy Buckwalter, Shane Cottle, Damion Gardner, Dakota Jackson, Brandon Mattox & Matt Westfall

23. (1) Max Adams, Brent Beauchamp, Joey Biasi, Mario Clouser, Tom Harris, Zane Hendricks, Josh Hodges, Thomas Meseraull, Brody Roa, Kendall Ruble, Stephen Schnapf & Scotty Weir



1. (8) C.J. Leary

2. (3) Tyler Courtney, Justin Grant, Carson Short & Chase Stockon

6. (1) Brady Bacon, Timmy Buckwalter & Kevin Thomas, Jr.


HEAT RACE WINS (Presented by Simpson Race Products, Competition Suspension (CSI), AutoMeter & Indy Race Parts):

1.   (10) Tyler Courtney

2.   (8) C.J. Leary

3.   (6) Brady Bacon, Robert Ballou & Justin Grant

6.   (4) Carson Short

7.   (3) Chad Boespflug, Thomas Meseraull & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

10. (2) Scotty Weir & Chris Windom

12. (1) Max Adams, Nick Bilbee, Timmy Buckwalter, Dustin Christie, Shane Cottle, Kyle Cummins, Anthony D’Alessio, Dave Darland, Damion Gardner, Matt Goodnight, Chayse Hayhurst, Josh Hodges, A.J. Hopkins, Dakota Jackson, Jason McDougal, Brody Roa, Stephen Schnapf, Brady Short, Wesley Smith, Chase Stockon & Matt Westfall



1. (1) Brady Bacon, Tyler Courtney, Justin Grant & Chase Stockon



1. (2) Jason McDougal & Chase Stockon

3. (1) Brady Bacon, Nick Bilbee, Timmy Buckwalter, Mario Clouser, Shane Cottle, Tyler Courtney, Dave Darland, Josh Hodges, A.J. Hopkins, Dakota Jackson, C.J. Leary, Carson Short, Kevin Thomas, Jr. & Matt Westfall



1. (1) Max Adams, Donny Brackett, Shane Cottle, Trey Gropp, Chris Morgan & Kory Schudy



1.    (21) Brady Bacon, Tyler Courtney, Justin Grant, C.J. Leary, Jason McDougal, Carson Short, Chase Stockon, Kevin Thomas, Jr. & Chris Windom

10. (19) Isaac Chapple

11. (16) Dave Darland

12. (13) Chad Boespflug

13. (12) Josh Hodges

14. (11) Kyle Cummins

15. (10) Robert Ballou & Dustin Christie

17. (9) Brian VanMeveren

18. (8) Timmy Buckwalter, Dakota Jackson, Brandon Mattox & Matt Westfall

22. (7) Max Adams & Jarett Andretti

24. (6) Joey Biasi, Thomas Meseraull & Brody Roa

27. (5) Matt Goodnight, Stephen Schnapf & Scotty Weir

30. (4) Mario Clouser, Shane Cottle & Kent Schmidt

33. (3) Bill Balog, Nick Bilbee, Steven Drevicki, Damion Gardner, A.J. Hopkins, Jordan Kinser, Dustin Smith & Korey Weyant

41. (2) T.J. Artz, Ryan Bernal, Wyatt Burks, Zach Daum, Mitchell Davis, Ryan Godown, Tom Harris, Zane Hendricks, Dustin Ingle, Riley Kreisel, Nate McMillin, Anthony Nicholson, Carmen Perigo, Terry Richards, Corey Smith & Wesley Smith

57. (1) Koby Barksdale, Brent Beauchamp, Clinton Boyles, Donny Brackett, Dominick Buffalino, Shane Cockrum, Anthony D’Alessio, Tony DiMattia, Don Droud, Jr., Jared Esh, Logan Faucon, Michael Fischesser, Dickie Gaines, Noah Gass, Chayse Hayhurst, Travis Hery, Dallas Hewitt, Steve Irwin, Cole Ketcham, Trevor Kobylarz, Kyle Lick, Critter Malone, Paul May, Tye Mihocko, Craig Pellegrini, Jr., Eric Perrott, Jadon Rogers, Kendall Ruble, Kory Schudy, Brady Short, Landon Simon, Justin Standridge, John Stehman, Joe Stornetta, Kody Swanson, Steve Thomas, Ty Tilton, Lee Underwood & Mitch Wissmiller



2/14: Bubba Raceway Park – Chad Boespflug (22nd to 12th)

2/15: Bubba Raceway Park – Tyler Courtney (22nd to 3rd)

2/16: Bubba Raceway Park – Tyler Courtney (9th to 3rd)

4/12: Bubba Raceway Park – Tyler Courtney (9th to 4th)                           

5/10: Eldora Speedway – Isaac Chapple (18th to 10th)

5/17: Tri-City Speedway – Isaac Chapple (15th to 5th)

5/22: Terre Haute Action Track – Isaac Chapple (16th to 10th)

6/11: Grandview Speedway – Ryan Godown (18th to 11th)

6/12: Bridgeport Speedway – Brady Bacon (12th to 7th)

6/15: Port Royal Speedway – Brady Bacon (17th to 7th)

7/5: Knoxville Raceway – Jason McDougal (20th to 8th)

7/6: Knoxville Raceway – Korey Weyant (23rd to 12th)

7/17: Eldora Speedway – Tom Harris (18th to 7th)

7/18: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Shane Cottle (18th to 1st)

7/19: Plymouth Speedway – Matt Westfall (19th to 11th)

7/20: Kokomo Speedway – Justin Grant (18th to 8th)

7/21: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Dave Darland (22nd to 11th)

7/24: Terre Haute Action Track – Brady Bacon (14th to 4th)

7/25: Lincoln Park Speedway – Shane Cottle (22nd to 9th)

7/26: Bloomington Speedway – Tyler Courtney (22nd to 9th)

7/27: Tri-State Speedway – Brady Bacon (15th to 5th)



2/14: Bubba Raceway Park – Dakota Jackson

2/15: Bubba Raceway Park – Robert Ballou

2/16: Bubba Raceway Park – Chad Boespflug

4/12: Bloomington Speedway – Dakota Jackson

5/10: Eldora Speedway – Matt Westfall

5/17: Tri-City Speedway – Mitchell Davis

5/22: Terre Haute Action Track – Brandon Mattox

6/11: Grandview Speedway – Steven Drevicki

6/12: Bridgeport Speedway – Chad Boespflug

6/15: Port Royal Speedway – Dustin Christie

7/5: Knoxville Raceway – Don Droud, Jr.

7/6: Knoxville Raceway – Wyatt Burks

7/17: Eldora Speedway – Carson Short

7/18: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Max Adams

7/19: Plymouth Speedway – Max Adams

7/20: Kokomo Speedway – Shane Cottle

7/21: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Dickie Gaines

7/24: Terre Haute Action Track – Dustin Smith

7/25: Lincoln Park Speedway – Jason McDougal

7/26: Bloomington Speedway – Josh Hodges

7/27: Tri-State Speedway – Critter Malone



2/14: Bubba Raceway Park – Travis Hery

2/15: Bubba Raceway Park – Dakota Jackson

2/16: Bubba Raceway Park – Joey Biasi

4/12: Bubba Raceway Park – Robert Ballou

5/10: Eldora Speedway – Chad Boespflug

5/17: Tri-City Speedway – Jason McDougal

5/22: Terre Haute Action Track – Brandon Mattox

6/11: Grandview Speedway – Dave Darland

6/12: Bridgeport Speedway – Joey Biasi

6/15: Port Royal Speedway – Chad Boespflug

7/5: Knoxville Raceway – Matt Westfall

7/6: Knoxville Raceway – C.J. Leary

7/17: Eldora Speedway – Isaac Chapple

7/18: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Kyle Cummins

7/19: Plymouth Speedway – Dakota Jackson

7/20: Kokomo Speedway – Kyle Cummins

7/21: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Josh Hodges

7/24: Terre Haute Action Track – Dakota Jackson

7/25: Lincoln Park Speedway – Thomas Meseraull

7/26: Bloomington Speedway – Brandon Mattox

7/27: Tri-State Speedway – Tony DiMattia



2/14: Bubba Raceway Park – Matt Westfall

2/15: Bubba Raceway Park – Travis Hery

2/16: Bubba Raceway Park – Ty Tilton

4/12: Bubba Raceway Park – Michael Koontz

5/10: Eldora Speedway – Dallas Hewitt

5/17: Tri-City Speedway – James Lyerla

6/11: Grandview Speedway – Brian VanMeveren

7/5: Knoxville Raceway – Steve Irwin

7/6: Knoxville Raceway – Glen Saville

7/17: Eldora Speedway – Gage Etgen

7/18: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Brody Roa

7/19: Plymouth Speedway – Dave Darland

7/20: Kokomo Speedway – Max Adams

7/21: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Tom Harris

7/24: Terre Haute Action Track – Dakota Jackson

7/25: Lincoln Park Speedway – Isaac Chapple

7/26: Bloomington Speedway – Lee Underwood

7/27: Tri-State Speedway – Kevin Thomas, Jr.





1. [62 wins] Dave Darland

2. [52 wins] Tom Bigelow

3. [47 wins] Tracy Hines

4. [46 wins] Jack Hewitt

5. [45 wins] Larry Dickson

6. [42 wins] Pancho Carter

7. [41 wins] Bryan Clauson

8. [40 wins] Gary Bettenhausen

9. [37 wins] Sheldon Kinser

10. [35 wins] Jon Stanbrough & Rich Vogler

12. [32 wins] Rollie Beale

13. [29 wins] Robert Ballou

14. [28 wins] Levi Jones & J.J. Yeley

16. [27 wins] Brady Bacon

17. [26 wins] Tony Elliott, Dave Steele & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

20. [25 wins] Steve Butler & Jay Drake

22. [24 wins] Chris Windom

23. [23 wins] A.J. Foyt & Roger McCluskey

25. [22 wins] Tyler Courtney, Rick Hood, Bubby Jones & Sam Sessions

29. [21 wins] Greg Weld

30. [17 wins] Jerry Coons, Jr., Parnelli Jones & Bud Kaeding

33. [16 wins] Damion Gardner

34. [15 wins] Bobby East, Justin Grant, Cory Kruseman, Jud Larson & Brian Tyler

38. [14 wins] Billy Cassella, Jim Hurtubise, Lee Kunzman & Bruce Walkup

43. [13 wins] Don Branson & Steve Chassey

45. [12 wins] Eric Gordon & Chase Stockon

47. [11 wins] Daron Clayton & Greg Leffler

49. [10 wins] Tony Stewart

50. [9 wins] Mario Andretti, Thomas Meseraull, Hunter Schuerenberg & Robbie Stanley

54. [8 wins] Mike Bliss, Chet Fillip, C.J. Leary, Johnny Rutherford & Joe Saldana

59. [7 wins] Kevin Doty, Darren Hagen, Kenny Irwin, Jr., Doug Kalitta, Jim Keeker, Bobby Santos, Brady Short, Kevin Thomas, Bobby Unser & Josh Wise

69. [6 wins] Chad Boespflug, Kevin Briscoe, Jac Haudenschild, Jason McCord, Jan Opperman, Tom Sneva, George Snider & Dick Tobias

77. [5 wins] Larry Cannon, Dana Carter, Kyle Cummins, Derek Davidson, Gene Lee Gibson, Jeff Gordon, Chuck Gurney, Shane Hmiel, Kevin Huntley, Frankie Kerr, Kelly Kinser, Eddie Leavitt, Jim Mahoney, Andy Michner, Johnny Parsons, Bill Puterbaugh & Cole Whitt

94. [4 wins] Rob Chaney, Shane Cottle, Cary Faas, Jesse Hockett, Steve Kinser, Michael Lewis, Don Nordhorn, Lee Osborne, Red Riegel, Ken Schrader, Al Smith & Danny Smith

104. [3 wins] Chuck Amati, Sonny Ates, Jeff Bloom, Mark Cassella, Jerry Daniels, Bob East, Bob Frey, Dickie Gaines, Wayne Hammond, Tray House, Kenny Jacobs, Tony Jones, Kyle Larson, Ralph Liguori, Charlie Masters, Mike Mosley, Larry Rice, Ron Shuman, Mitch Smith & Doug Wolfgang

126. [2 wins] Chad Boat, Marvin Carman, Ed Carpenter, Brad Doty, Nic Faas, Cy Fairchild, Brad Fox, Arnie Knepper, Danny Lasoski, Mack McClellan, Jason McDougal, James McElreath, Lealand McSpadden, Danny Milburn, Mat Neely, Ryan Newman, Jerry Poland, Casey Riggs, Bill Rose, Mickey Shaw, Terry Shepherd, Dean Shirley, Brad Sweet, Kevin Swindell, Sammy Swindell, Mike Spencer, Bud Tingelstad, Billy Vukovich, Mike Ward & Carl Williams

156. [1 win] Donnie Adams, A.J. Anderson, Brad Armstrong, Tony Armstrong, Tommy Astone, Dick Atkins, Brent Beauchamp, Jeff Bland, Jr., Stan Bowman, Alan Brown, Karl Busson, Johnny Capels, David Cardey, Bob Cicconi, Henry Clarke, Troy Cline, Duke Cook, Mel Cornett, Allen Crowe, Billy Engelhart, Cotton Farmer, Aaron Farney, Gary Fedewa, Blake Fitzpatrick, Joe Gaerte, Russ Gamester, Rickie Gaunt, Elmer George, Brian Gerster, Todd Gibson, Ron Gregory, Richard Griffin, Garrett Hansen, Jerry Hansen, Jim Hemmings, Josh Hodges, Bob Hogle, Jackie Howerton, Chuck Hulse, Logan Jarrett, Marc Jessup, Gordon Johncock, Chet Johnson, Page Jones, Bob Kinser, Mike Kirby, Fred Linder, Steve Long, Hank Lower, Brett Mann, Bobby Marshman, Larry Martin, Mike Martin, Brad Marvel, Justin Marvel, Rusty McClure, Bob McCoy, Jim McElreath, Bobby Olivero, Gary Patterson, Billy Pauch, Dave Peperak, Jiggs Peters, Aaron Pierce, Paul Pitzer, Terry Pletch, Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., Bud Randall, Byron Reed, Boston Reid, Rodney Ritter, Jr., Brody Roa, David Roahrig, Carson Short, Billy Shuman, Jimmy Sills, Smokey Snellbaker, Wib Spalding, Greg Staab, Randy Standridge, Ron Standridge, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Kody Swanson, Tanner Swanson, Mike Sweeney, Jeff Swindell, Clark Templeman, Tyler Thomas, Bill Tyler, Rick Ungar, Lennie Waldo, Tyler Walker, Scotty Weir, Kenny Weld, Bob Wente, Matt Westfall, Johnny White, Rip Williams, Jacob Wilson & Eddie Wirth



1956: Pat O'Connor (Midwest) & Tommy Hinnershitz (Eastern), 1957: Elmer George (Midwest) & Bill Randall (Eastern), 1958: Eddie Sachs (Midwest) & Johnny Thomson (Eastern), 1959: Don Branson (Midwest) & Tommy Hinnershitz (Eastern), 1960: Parnelli Jones (Midwest) & A.J. Foyt (Eastern), 1961: Parnelli Jones, 1962: Parnelli Jones, 1963: Roger McCluskey, 1964: Don Branson, 1965: Johnny Rutherford, 1966: Roger McCluskey, 1967: Greg Weld, 1968: Larry Dickson, 1969: Gary Bettenhausen, 1970: Larry Dickson, 1971: Gary Bettenhausen, 1972: Sam Sessions, 1973: Rollie Beale, 1974: Pancho Carter, 1975: Larry Dickson, 1976: Pancho Carter, 1977: Sheldon Kinser, 1978: Tom Bigelow, 1979: Greg Leffler, 1980: Rich Vogler, 1981: Sheldon Kinser, 1982: Sheldon Kinser, 1983: Ken Schrader, 1984: Rick Hood, 1985: Rick Hood, 1986: Steve Butler, 1987: Steve Butler, 1988: Steve Butler, 1989: Rich Vogler, 1990: Steve Butler, 1991: Robbie Stanley, 1992: Robbie Stanley, 1993: Robbie Stanley, 1994: Doug Kalitta, 1995: Tony Stewart, 1996: Brian Tyler, 1997:Brian Tyler, 1998: Tony Elliott, 1999: Dave Darland, 2000: Tony Elliott, 2001: J.J. Yeley, 2002: Tracy Hines, 2003: J.J. Yeley, 2004: Jay Drake, 2005: Levi Jones, 2006: Josh Wise, 2007: Levi Jones, 2008: Jerry Coons, Jr., 2009: Levi Jones, 2010: Levi Jones (Dirt) & Shane Hmiel (Pavement), 2011: Levi Jones (Dirt) & Bobby Santos (Pavement), 2012: Bryan Clauson, 2013: Bryan Clauson, 2014: Brady Bacon, 2015: Robert Ballou, 2016: Brady Bacon, 2017: Chris Windom, 2018: Tyler Courtney



1961: Sterling Plumbing & Heating, 1962: Bruce Homeyer, 1963: Bruce Homeyer, 1964: Jud Phillips, 1965: Jack Colvin, 1966: Anderson Products, 1967: Rufus Gray, 1968: Ray Smith, 1969: Willie Davis, 1970: Kenny Lay, 1971: Willie Davis, 1972: Mauri Amerling, 1973: R-B Racing Associates, 1974: Conger & Stapp Racing, 1975: Ernie Ensign, 1976: Steve Stapp Racing, 1977: Sherman Armstrong, 1978:Sherman Armstrong, 1979: Lloyd Weaver, 1980: Gohr Distributing Co., 1981: Ben Leyba, 1982: Ben Leyba, 1983: Damon Fortune, 1984: Damon Fortune, 1985: Damon Fortune, 1986: Phil Poor, 1987: Jeff Stoops, 1988: Jeff Stoops, 1989: Dynamics, Inc., 1990:Johnny Vance Racing Team, Inc., 1991: Ron Stanley, 1992: Dynamics, Inc., 1993: Dynamics, Inc., 1994: Utopia Services, Inc., 1995:Niebel Engines, Inc., 1996: Dynamics, Inc., 1997: Dynamics, Inc., 1998: Vance/Walker Racing, 1999: Dynamics, Inc., 2000:Walker/Lamers Racing, 2001: Walker/Gratton Racing, 2002: Dynamics, Inc., 2003: Tony Stewart Racing, 2004: Dynamics, Inc., 2005: 2B Racing, 2006: Tony Stewart Racing, 2007: Tony Stewart Racing, 2008: Dynamics, Inc., 2009: Tony Stewart Racing, 2010: Tony Stewart Racing, 2011: Tony Stewart Racing, 2012: CTR/BCI/Curb-Agajanian, 2013: Tony Stewart Racing/Curb-Agajanian, 2014: Dynamics, Inc., 2015: Robert Ballou, 2016: Dynamics, Inc., 2017: Baldwin Brothers Racing, 2018: Clauson Marshall Newman Racing



1971: Darl Harrison, 1972: Billy Cassella, 1973: Rich Leavell, 1974: Lee Osborne, 1975: Marvin Carman, 1976: Roger Rager, 1977:Eddie Leavitt, 1978: Tim Richmond, 1979: Jerry Carman, 1980: Frank Riddle, 1981: Steve Long & Johnny Coogan, 1982: Danny Milburn, 1983: Dean Shirley, 1984: Jerry Russell, 1985: Terry Shepherd, 1986: Kenny Jacobs, 1987: Rick Ungar, 1988: Dean Jacobs, 1989: Eric Gordon, 1990: Rick Howerton, 1991: Tony Stewart, 1992: Gary Cameron II, 1993: Kenny Irwin, Jr., 1994: Bobby Smith, 1995: Mark Cassella, 1996: Gus Wasson, 1997: J.J. Yeley, 1998: Tracy Hines, 1999: Ryan Newman, 2000: Bud Kaeding, 2001: Ed Carpenter, 2002:Boston Reid, 2003: Michael Lewis & Mat Neely, 2004: Josh Ford & Josh Wise, 2005: Darren Hagen, 2006: Scotty Weir, 2007: Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., 2008: Chad Boat, 2009: Henry Clarke, 2010: Justin Grant, 2011: Coleman Gulick, 2012: C.J. Leary, 2013: Tyler Courtney, 2014: Jarett Andretti, 2015: Aaron Farney, 2016: Isaac Chapple, 2017: Stevie Sussex, 2018: Timmy Buckwalter & Logan Seavey



1. (65) Tom Bigelow

2. (60) Dave Darland & Tracy Hines

4. (39) Levi Jones

5. (37) Larry Dickson

6. (36) Bryan Clauson

7. (35) Rich Vogler

8. (33) Brady Bacon

9. (31) Sheldon Kinser

10. (30) Pancho Carter

11. (28) Kevin Thomas, Jr.

12. (27) Dave Steele & Chase Stockon

14. (26) Jay Drake

15. (24) Gary Bettenhausen & J.J. Yeley

17. (23) Justin Grant & Jon Stanbrough

19. (22) Steve Butler

20. (20) Jerry Coons, Jr., Tony Elliott, C.J. Leary & Roger McCluskey

24. (19) Greg Weld

25. (17) Don Branson & A.J. Foyt

27. (16) Rollie Beale, Jack Hewitt & Doug Kalitta

30. (15) Kenny Irwin, Jr., Sam Sessions & Brian Tyler

33. (14) Billy Cassella & Parnelli Jones

35. (13) Bobby East & Bruce Walkup

37. (12) Steve Chassey, Damion Gardner, Rick Hood, Bill Puterbaugh & Joe Saldana

42. (11) George Snider

43. (10) Sonny Ates

44. (9) Jim Hurtubise, Jud Larson, Eddie Leavitt, Johnny Rutherford & Josh Wise

49. (8) Robert Ballou, Tyler Courtney, Bubby Jones, Kelly Kinser & Chris Windom

54. (7) Marvin Carman, Mark Cassella, Cary Faas, Bud Kaeding, Jim Keeker, Cory Kruseman, Thomas Meseraull, Larry Rice, Hunter Schuerenberg, Carson Short, Mike Spencer, Bud Tingelstad & Bobby Unser

67. (6) Mike Bliss, Daron Clayton, Shane Cottle, Derek Davidson, Eric Gordon, Richard Griffin, Jac Haudenschild, Tray House, James McElreath, Johnny Parsons, Ken Schrader

78. (5) Chad Boespflug, Cy Fairchild, Blake Fitzpatrick, Bob Frey, Andy Michner, Jan Opperman, Boston Reid, Tom Sneva, Robbie Stanley, Brad Sweet & Kevin Thomas

89. (4) Jeff Bloom, Kevin Briscoe, Kyle Cummins, Billy Engelhart, Chet Fillip, Darren Hagen, Chuck Hulse, Kenny Jacobs, Lee Kunzman, Jim McElreath, Don Nordhorn, Dave Peperak, Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., Joey Saldana, Terry Shepherd, Ron Shuman, Mitch Smith & Bob Wente

107. (3) Tommy Astone, Dave Blaney, Karl Busson, Kevin Doty, Brian Gerster, Todd Gibson, Jeff Gordon, Gary Gray, John Heydenreich, Gordon Johncock, Greg Leffler, Ralph Liguori, Steve Long, Larry Martin, Justin Marvel, Jason McCord, Larry Moore, Mat Neely, Ryan Newman, Lee Osborne, Brandon Petty, Jerry Poland, Bob Pratt, Brady Short, Danny Smith, Tony Stewart, Dean Thompson, Dick Tobias, Scotty Weir, Cole Whitt and John Wolfe

139. (2) Jarett Andretti, Mario Andretti, Keith Bloom, Chuck Booth, Don Brown, Duke Cook, Allen Crowe, Nic Faas, Larry Gates, Gene Lee Gibson, Coleman Gulick, Dave Hanna, Darl Harrison, Shane Hmiel, Josh Hodges, Marc Jessup, Brad Marvel, Max McGhee, Kevin Miller, Dustin Morgan, Brad Noffsinger, Gary Patterson, Byron Reed, Jerry Richert, Dave Roahrig, Jimmy Sills, Al Smith, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Greg Stephens, Stevie Sussex, Kody Swanson, Tyler Thomas, Jerry Weeks, Johnny White, Carl Williams & Jacob Wilson

184. (1) Pat Abold, Donnie Adams, Bobby Adamson, Mark Alderson, Chuck Amati, Dick Atkins, Terry Babb, Brent Beauchamp, Ryan Bernal, Lee Brewer, Jr., Timmy Buckwalter, Dale Burton, Gary Cameron, Larry Cannon, Billy Cantrell, Dana Carter, Rob Chaney, Bob Cicconi, Leon Clum, Peter Cozzolino, Don Davis, Doc Dawson, Brad Doty, Cotton Farmer, Dave Feese, Braylon Fitzpatrick, Brad Fox, Jared Fox, Joe Gaerte, Harry Garrett, Rickie Gaunt, Elmer George, Bobby Grim, Chuck Gurney, Norm Hall, Jerry Hansen, Brian Hayden, Jonathan Hendrick, Hank Henry, Tyler Hewitt, Ted Hines, Jesse Hockett, Bob Hogle, Danny Holtsclaw, Kevin Huntley, Gary Irvin, Mike Johnson, Dee Jones, Page Jones, Todd Kane, Ray Kenens, Joey Kerr, Rich Leavell, Jason Leffler, Michael Lewis, John Logan, Ed Lynch, Jr., Critter Malone, Louie Mann, Mike Mann, Charlie Masters, Rusty McClure, Wes McIntyre, Blake Miller, Jerry Miller, Jr., Ron Milton, Hal Minyard, Matt Mitchell, Warren Mockler, Mike Mosley, Mike Murgoitio, Paul Pitzer, Gary Ponzini, Ande Possman, Roger Rager, Davey Ray, Jerry Richert, Jr., Red Riegel, Travis Rilat, Manny Rockhold, Bill Rose, Joe Roush, Jerry Russell, Bobby Santos, Don Schilling, John Sernett, Neil Shepherd, Jeremy Sherman, Dean Shirley, Eric Shively, Randy Smith, Wib Spalding, Ned Spath, Greg Staab, Steve Stapp, Richard Summers, Jake Swanson, Jeff Swindell, Kevin Swindell, Sammy Swindell, Tom Tepe, Leon Thickstun, Richard Vander Weerd, Jonathan Vennard, Billy Vukovich, Billy Vukovich III, Lennie Waldo, Gus Wasson, Shawn Westerfeld, Tony Weyant, Austin Williams, Rip Williams, Eddie Wirth & Mitch Wissmiller

Midwest Winter Nationals Kicks Off Speed2 Season

The USAC SpeeD2 Midget season gets underway this weekend, February 28-29, indoors at the Southern Illinois Center in Du Quoin.

Bacon Teams with Hinck for Shamrock Classic

Brady Bacon, who’s already gotten off to a red hot start early in the 2020 season, has secured a USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget ride in the Kelly Hinck owned No. 21H for the 5th annual Shamrock Classic presented by Dooling Machine on March 7 at the Southern Illinois Center in Du Quoin.

Courtney, Bacon, Windom Enter Shamrock Classic

Three past USAC National champions who are all seeking a first Shamrock Classic victory are among those headlining the initial entry list for the 5th annual USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget event on March 7 at the Southern Illinois Center in Du Quoin.

Aaron Reutzel Binge Watch


The best way to announce your presence is to do it early and often. And that's exactly the case with Aaron Reutzel. 

Bacon Doubles Up With Second Straight Ocala Score

Brady Bacon took no chances on his cool down lap following Saturday night’s USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car Winter Dirt Games XI victory at Bubba Raceway Park.

Bacon Snags Winter Dirt Games Passing Master Award

Brady Bacon spent this past weekend racking up victories and prize money at Bubba Raceway Park.

Kyle Larson: From Dirt Track To Daytona


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Kyle Larson will lock into another vehicle and push it to its limits today at the Daytona 500. 

Valentine's Day USAC History

Love is in the air on February 14 each year, but so is the smell of methanol and the sights and sounds of USAC racing, at least on a handful of occasions throughout the club’s 65 years of history.

Brady Bacon Bolts To Victory At Ocala


Entering Friday night’s USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship season opener, the most recent time Brady Bacon left Bubba Raceway Park with a top-five finish was three years ago.

Winter Dirt Games Success Translates to Championships

The beginning of a new USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car season is one in which drivers and teams either resume their cohesiveness or, for new teams, try to meld successful relationships that will ultimately reap their rewards with wins, and if everything works out just right, a championship at season’s end.