Indiana Sprint Week Stat Book: 7/23/2019

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Four races in, four to go.  That’s where NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week stands as teams and drivers ready themselves for the second half of the eight-race series this week.

C.J. Leary leads the standings on the strength of four top-three finishes and is the only driver to have finished inside the top-five in all four events, and also has a series-leading two fast qualifying times at Kokomo and Lawrenceburg.

Four different drivers have collected victories in the four races: Tyler Courtney (Plymouth), Shane Cottle (Gas City), Justin Grant (Lawrenceburg) and Chris Windom (Kokomo).  Grant’s led the most laps of anybody with 30, all of which were accumulated Sunday at Lawrenceburg.

Fourteen drivers have started all four features thus far.  Thomas Meseraull has won three heat races in each of the last three events.  Justin Grant, Tyler Courtney and Shane Cottle have each passed 17 cars throughout the four feature events.

The second half of ISW kicks off Wednesday, July 24, at the Terre Haute Action Track.  Pits open at 3pm, front gates at 4pm and hot laps at 6:30pm.  Adult general admission grandstand tickets are $25, adult infield tickets are $15 in the infield, children 11 and under are free when accompanied by a parent.  DIRTcar Modifieds will be racing as well on the half-mile.

Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville is next up on Thursday, July 25 where the front gate and pit gate opens at 4:30pm Eastern, drivers meeting begins at 6pm and hot laps are scheduled for 6:30pm.  Indiana Super Stocks will also be in attendance.  Adult general admission tickets are $25 and pit passes are $30 apiece.

The “Sheldon Kinser Memorial” on Friday, July 26 at Bloomington Speedway will have the pits open at 3pm Eastern, front gates at 5pm, drivers meeting at 6pm and hot laps at 6:40pm.  Adult tickets are $25, students (with valid I.D.) are $10, children 12 and under are free.  Pit passes are $30 apiece.  RaceSaver Sprint Cars are also on the event card.

For the finale at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt on Saturday, July 27, qualifying is slated to begin at 6:30pm and racing at 7:30pm Central.  Adult tickets are $25, students 13-18 are $20 and children 12 and under are free.  Pit passes are $30.  Modifieds will also be racing.

Watch NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week live and on-demand at  Listen live on the USAC app.  Follow along with live updates on and, plus live timing and scoring on the Race Monitor app.



Most Wins: (1) Tyler Courtney, Shane Cottle, Justin Grant & Chris Windom

Point Leader: C.J. Leary

Laps Led: (30) Justin Grant

Top-Fives: (4) C.J. Leary

Top-Tens: (4) Brady Bacon, Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant, C.J. Leary & Chris Windom

Fast Qualifying Times: (2) C.J. Leary

Heat Race Wins: (3) Thomas Meseraull

Feature Starts: 14 drivers with 4

Most Positions Advanced: (17) Justin Grant, Tyler Courtney & Shane Cottle



Jul 18: Gas City, IN – Gas City I-69 Speedway

WINNER: Shane Cottle (Epperson Racing #2E)

Jul 19: Plymouth, IN – Plymouth Speedway

WINNER: Tyler Courtney (Clauson/Marshall/Newman Racing #7BC)

Jul 20: Kokomo, IN - Kokomo Speedway

WINNER: Chris Windom (Goacher Racing #5G)

Jul 21: Lawrenceburg, IN - Lawrenceburg Speedway

WINNER: Justin Grant (TOPP Motorsports #4)

Jul 24: Terre Haute, IN - Terre Haute Action Track

Jul 25: Putnamville, IN - Lincoln Park Speedway

Jul 26: Bloomington, IN - Bloomington Speedway

Jul 27: Haubstadt, IN - Tri-State Speedway



1. (298) C.J. Leary

2. (287) Chris Windom

3. (277) Brady Bacon

4. (257) Justin Grant

5. (244) Kevin Thomas, Jr.

6. (234) Jason McDougal

7. (224) Kyle Cummins

8. (214) Tyler Courtney

9. (214) Carson Short

10. (210) Chase Stockon




1. (1) Shane Cottle (Jul 18 at Gas City I-69 Speedway)

    (1) Tyler Courtney (Jul 19 at Plymouth Speedway)

    (1) Justin Grant (Jul 21 at Lawrenceburg Speedway)

    (1) Chris Windom (Jul 20 at Kokomo Speedway)



1.   (30) Justin Grant

2.   (29) C.J. Leary

3.   (22) Chris Windom

4.   (19) Scotty Weir

5.   (12) Tyler Courtney

6.   (6) Brady Bacon

7.   (1) Shane Cottle

8.   (1) Chase Stockon



1. (4) C.J. Leary

2. (3) Brady Bacon & Chris Windom

4. (2) Justin Grant & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

6. (1) Shane Cottle, Tyler Courtney, Kyle Cummins, Jason McDougal, Carson Short & Scotty Weir



(4) Brady Bacon, Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant, C.J. Leary & Chris Windom

(3) Tyler Courtney, Jason McDougal, Chase Stockon & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

(2) Dakota Jackson & Carson Short

(1) Brent Beauchamp, Shane Cottle, Josh Hodges & Scotty Weir



1. (2) C.J. Leary

2. (1) Tyler Courtney & Carson Short


HEAT RACE WINS (Presented by Simpson Race Products, Competition Suspension (CSI), AutoMeter & Indy Race Parts):

1. (3) Thomas Meseraull,

2. (1) Dustin Christie, Shane Cottle, Tyler Courtney, Anthony D’Alessio, Tyler Courtney, Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant, Josh Hodges, Jason McDougal, Brody Roa, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Scotty Weir & Matt Westfall



1. (1) Brady Bacon, Shane Cottle, C.J. Leary & Chase Stockon



1. (1) Max Adams



1.   (4) Brady Bacon, Isaac Chapple, Tyler Courtney, Kyle Cummins, Josh Hodges, Dakota Jackson, Justin Grant, C.J. Leary, Jason McDougal, Thomas Meseraull, Carson Short, Chase Stockon, Kevin Thomas, Jr. & Chris Windom

15. (3) Max Adams, Jarett Andretti, Dave Darland, Brian VanMeveren & Scotty Weir

20. (2) Dustin Christie, Shane Cottle, Brandon Mattox & Brody Roa

24. (1) Koby Barksdale, Brent Beauchamp Chad Boespflug, Clinton Boyles, Shane Cockrum, Anthony D’Alessio, Mitchell Davis, Dickie Gaines, Zane Hendricks, A.J. Hopkins, Dustin Ingle, Cole Ketcham, Terry Richards, Corey Smith & Matt Westfall



7/18: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Shane Cottle (18th to 1st)

7/19: Plymouth Speedway – Matt Westfall (19th to 11th)

7/20: Kokomo Speedway – Justin Grant (18th to 8th)

7/21: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Dave Darland (22nd to 11th)



7/18: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Max Adams

7/19: Plymouth Speedway – Max Adams

7/20: Kokomo Speedway – Shane Cottle

7/21: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Dickie Gaines



7/18: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Kyle Cummins

7/19: Plymouth Speedway – Dakota Jackson

7/20: Kokomo Speedway – Kyle Cummins

7/21: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Josh Hodges



7/18: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Brody Roa

7/19: Plymouth Speedway – Dave Darland

7/20: Kokomo Speedway – Max Adams

7/21: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Tom Harris





1. (20) Dave Darland

2. (16) Jon Stanbrough

3. (12) Cory Kruseman

4. (9) J.J. Yeley

5. (7) Bryan Clauson

6. (6) Jay Drake & Danny Smith

8. (5) Kevin Briscoe, Tony Elliott, Brady Short, Kevin Thomas & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

13. (4) Robert Ballou, Tyler Courtney, Jack Hewitt, Levi Jones & Kelly Kinser

18. (3) Brady Bacon, Daron Clayton, Jerry Coons, Jr., Tracy Hines, C.J. Leary & Hunter Schuerenberg

24. (2) Chuck Amati, Kyle Cummins, Kevin Doty, Tim Gee, Justin Grant, Rick Hood, Bud Kaeding, Thomas Meseraull, Chase Stockon & Chris Windom

34. (1) A.J. Anderson, Brent Beauchamp, Jeff Bland, Jr., Chad Boat, Shane Cottle, Derek Davidson, Cary Faas, Aaron Farney, Blake Fitzpatrick, Brad Fox, Dickie Gaines, Damion Gardner, Tray House, Bob Kinser, Mike Mann, Brad Marvel, Mat Neely, Terry Pletch, Casey Riggs, Bill Rose, Carson Short, Mickey Smith, Brad Sweet, Brian Tyler, Cole Whitt &



1988: Randy Kinser, 1989: Chuck Amati, 1990: Chuck Amati & Gary Trammell, 1991: Bob Kinser, 1992: Kevin Thomas, 1993: Kevin Thomas, 1994: Kelly Kinser, 1995: Kevin Thomas, 1996: Kevin Thomas, 1997: J.J. Yeley, 1998: Dave Darland, 1999: Tony Elliott, 2000: Jay Drake, 2001: Dave Darland, 2002: Cory Kruseman, 2003: J.J. Yeley, 2004: Levi Jones, 2005: Cory Kruseman, 2006: Jon Stanbrough, 2007: Dave Darland, 2008: Levi Jones, 2009: Levi Jones, 2010: Jon Stanbrough, 2011: Chris Windom, 2012: Levi Jones, 2013: Bryan Clauson, 2014: Bryan Clauson, 2015: Robert Ballou, 2016: Brady Bacon, 2017: Kevin Thomas, Jr., 2018: Chris Windom



1. (66) Dave Darland

2. (51) Jon Stanbrough

3. (45) Levi Jones

4. (33) Tony Elliott

5. (31) J.J. Yeley

6. (29) Bryan Clauson

7. (27) Chris Windom

8. (25) Cory Kruseman

9. (22) Brady Bacon, Kevin Thomas & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

12. (21) Robert Ballou

13. (20) Jerry Coons, Jr. & Shane Cottle

15. (19) Jay Drake & Tracy Hines

17. (15) Brady Short

18. (14) Kevin Briscoe, Bill Rose & Hunter Schuerenberg

21. (13) Justin Grant & Bud Kaeding

23. (12) Chase Stockon

24. (11) Tyler Courtney & C.J. Leary

26. (10) Jack Hewitt & Randy Kinser

28. (9) Derek Davidson & Danny Smith

30. (8) Damion Gardner, Brian Hayden, Bob Kinser & Kelly Kinser

34. (7) Kevin Doty, Tim Gee, Darren Hagen, Tray House, Thomas Meseraull, Terry Pletch & Josh Wise

41. (6) Chuck Amati, Chad Boespflug, Daron Clayton, Kyle Cummins, Dickie Gaines, Mat Neely, Terry Shepherd, Brian Tyler, Scotty Weir & Cole Whitt

51. (5) A.J. Anderson, Chad Boat & Joe Roush

54. (4) Mike Mann & Brad Sweet

56. (3) Jeff Bland, Jr., Bobby East, Aaron Farney, Jesse Hockett, Rick Hood, Kevin Huntley, Tony Jarrett, Dustin Morgan, Robbie Rice, Carson Short, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Gary Trammell & Jeff Walker

69. (2) Brent Beauchamp, Christopher Bell, Larry Bland, Tom Chalk, Blake Fitzpatrick, Brad Fox, Jeff Gordon, Coleman Gulick, Kurt Hawkins, Justin Marvel, Rusty McClure, Dave Peperak, Boston Reid, Casey Riggs, Jon Sciscoe, John Scott, Jeremy Sherman, Eric Shively, Casey Shuman & Mike Spencer

89. (1) Jarett Andretti, Chris Beaver, Ryan Bernal, Keith Bloom, Jr., Mike Bowling, Kent Christian, Hud Cone, Troy Cline, Mike English, Cary Faas, Gary Fisher, Josh Ford, Russ Gamester, Dink Glidden, Eric Gordon, Richard Griffin, Jonathan Hendrick, Josh Hodges, Blake Hollingsworth, Shane Hollingsworth, Danny Holtsclaw, A.J. Hopkins, Kasey Kahne, Doug Kalitta, Todd Kane, Todd Kelley, Mike Kirby, Frankie Kerr, Chris LaFollette, Troy Link, Brad Marvel, Jason McDougal, Wes McIntyre, Joe Miller, Brandon Petty, Joey Saldana, Derek Scheffel, Todd Shields, Jimmy Sills, Mickey Smith, Greg Staab, Steve Surniak, Tyler Thomas, Lee Underwood, Rick Ungar, Jonathan Vennard, Mike Ward, Matt Westfall, Rip Williams & Greg Wilson


INDIANA SPRINT WEEK TOP-10 FINISHES (1996-2018)                    

1. (95) Dave Darland

2. (74) Jon Stanbrough

3. (66) Levi Jones

4. (49) Chris Windom

5. (46) Jerry Coons, Jr.

6. (45) Bryan Clauson

7. (43) Cory Kruseman

8. (42) Robert Ballou & Tracy Hines

10. (40) J.J. Yeley

11. (39) Brady Bacon, Shane Cottle & Tony Elliott

14. (32) Kevin Thomas Jr.

15. (31) Jay Drake

16. (29) Brady Short & Chase Stockon

18. (27) Justin Grant

19. (24) Hunter Schuerenberg

20. (21) Damion Gardner, Bud Kaeding, C.J. Leary & Bill Rose

24. (20) Kevin Thomas

25. (19) Chad Boespflug

26. (18) Tyler Courtney

27. (17) Kevin Briscoe

28. (16) Derek Davidson, Darren Hagen, Brian Hayden & Scotty Weir

32. (14) Dickie Gaines

33. (13) Daron Clayton, Kyle Cummins, Thomas Meseraull & Josh Wise

37. (12) Kevin Doty

38. (11) Mat Neely, Terry Pletch, Brad Sweet & Cole Whitt

42. (9) A.J. Anderson, Jack Hewitt & Josh Hodges

45. (8) Jeff Bland Jr.

46. (7) Chad Boat, Bobby East, Blake Fitzpatrick, Coleman Gulick, Todd Kane, Justin Marvel, Boston Reid, Carson Short, Casey Shuman & Brian Tyler

56. (6) Jarett Andretti, Kent Christian, Troy Cline, Eric Shively & Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

61. (5) Brent Beauchamp, Christopher Bell, Shane Hollingsworth, Tony Jarrett, Dustin Morgan, Jeremy Sherman & Mike Spencer

68. (4) Hud Cone, Aaron Farney, Jesse Hockett, Jason McDougal, Wes McIntyre, Brandon Petty, Robbie Rice, Jimmy Sills & John Wolfe

77. (3) A.J. Anderson, Josh Ford, Brad Fox, Eric Gordon, Richard Griffin, Jonathan Hendrick, A.J. Hopkins, Critter Malone, Rusty McClure, Casey Riggs, Brody Roa, Derek Scheffel, Jon Sciscoe, Neil Shepherd, Steve Surniak & Matt Westfall

93. (2) Ryan Bernal, Eric Burns, Kenny Carmichael, Henry Clarke, Charles Davis, Jr., Mike English, Danny Holtsclaw, Dakota Jackson, Kasey Kahne, Mike Kirby, Jason Knoke, Chris LaFollette, Mike Mann, Brad Marvel, Max McGhee, Kevin Miller, Tim Montgomery, Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., John Scott, Tim Spindler, Kevin Swindell, Tyler Thomas, Richard Vander Weerd & Jeff Wilson

117. (1) Chris Beaver, Kevin Besecker, Keith Bloom, Jr., Timmy Buckwalter, Brett Burdette, Mark Cassella, Mark Clark, Shane Cockrum, Chris Coers, Tim Cox, Zach Daum, Cary Faas, Nic Faas, Russ Gamester, Kurt Gross, Tom Hessert III, Tray House, J.J. Hughes, Kevin Huntley, Logan Jarrett, Marc Jessup, Doug Kalitta, Joey Kerr, Jimmy Light, Jason McCord, Matt Mitchell, Vince Osman, Richard Ott, Dave Peperak, Davey Ray, Jason Robbins, Kyle Robbins, Eric Roberts, Joe Roush, Stephen Schnapf, Alex Shanks, Corey Smith, Dustin Smith, Lee Underwood, Jonathan Vennard, Danny Williams, Jr., Rip Williams, Greg Wilson & Kyle Wissmiller



1.   (431) Dave Darland

2.   (413) Jon Stanbrough

3.   (276) Cory Kruseman

4.   (192) Kevin Thomas, Jr.

5.   (187) J.J. Yeley

6.   (176) Jay Drake

7.   (173) Bryan Clauson

8.   (146) Robert Ballou & Chris Windom

10. (124) Levi Jones

11. (121) Tracy Hines

12. (126) Brady Bacon

13. (103) Hunter Schuerenberg

14. (98) Kevin Briscoe

15. (97) Brady Short

16. (94) Jerry Coons, Jr.

17. (92) C.J. Leary

18. (82) Jack Hewitt

19. (78) Tyler Courtney &

20. (76) Tony Elliott

21. (68) Daron Clayton & Thomas Meseraull

23. (67) Chase Stockon

24. (57) Bud Kaeding

25. (52) Brad Sweet

26. (50) Derek Davidson

27. (49) Shane Cottle

28. (43) Cole Whitt

29. (42) Chad Boespflug

30. (38) Carson Short

31. (36) Damion Gardner

32. (35) Aaron Farney & Dickie Gaines

33. (33) Josh Wise

34. (32) Justin Grant

35. (30) Chad Boat & Brad Marvel

37. (29) Bill Rose

38. (26) Robbie Rice & Scotty Weir

40. (25) Brad Fox

41. (24) John Memmer

42. (23) Cary Faas & Brandon Petty

44. (22) Darren Hagen, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. & Brian Tyler

47. (21) A.J. Anderson, Brent Beauchamp & Eric Shively

50. (20) Kevin Doty

51. (19) Kyle Cummins

52. (18) Boston Reid

53. (16) Justin Marvel & Casey Riggs

55. (14) Mike Mann & Wes McIntyre

57. (13) Jeff Bland, Jr.

58. (12) Christopher Bell

59. (11) Bobby Stines

60. (10) Brian Hayden

61. (9) Kevin Thomas

62. (8) Mat Neely & Jimmy Sills

64. (6) Terry Pletch & Dustin Smith

66. (5) John Wolfe

67. (4) Kent Christian, Blake Fitzpatrick & Derek Scheffel

70. (3) Keith Bloom, Jr. & Rickie Gaunt

72. (1) Jesse Hockett, Logan Jarrett, Rusty McClure, Dustin Morgan, Jeremy Sherman & Jonathan Vennard



1. (31) Dave Darland

2. (30) Jon Stanbrough

3. (23) Shane Cottle

4. (19) Cory Kruseman

5. (17) Robert Ballou

6. (16) Chris Windom

7. (15) Brady Short

8. (13) Jerry Coons, Jr.

9. (12) Brady Bacon, Tony Elliott & Tracy Hines

12. (11) Chad Boespflug, Levi Jones Thomas Meseraull & J.J. Yeley

16. (10) Bryan Clauson

17. (9) Hunter Schuerenberg

18. (8) Kent Christian, Tyler Courtney, Jay Drake, C.J. Leary & Kevin Thomas

23. (7) Kenny Carmichael, Damion Gardner, Justin Grant, Terry Pletch & Chase Stockon

28. (6) Kevin Briscoe, Dickie Gaines, Darren Hagen, Carson Short, Kevin Thomas, Jr. & Scotty Weir

34. (5) Kyle Cummins, Blake Fitzpatrick, Josh Hodges, Shane Hollingsworth, Bud Kaeding, Mat Neely, Brandon Petty, Bill Rose, Eric Shively, Mike Spencer & Brian Tyler

45. (4) Daron Clayton, Hud Cone, Brian Hayden, Danny Holtsclaw, Logan Jarrett, Corey Smith, Matt Westfall, Cole Whitt & Mitch Wissmiller

54. (3) A.J. Anderson, Brad Fox, Jack Hewitt, Mike Kirby, Justin Marvel, Wes McIntyre, Boston Reid, Derek Scheffel, John Scott, Casey Shuman, Dustin Smith & Brad Sweet

66. (2) Jarett Andretti, Brent Beauchamp, Jeff Bland, Jr., Troy Cline, Tim Cox, Derek Davidson, Charles Davis, Jr., Kris Deckard, Bobby East, Aaron Farney, Josh Ford, Richard Griffin, Coleman Gulick, Tray House, Dakota Jackson, Todd Kane, Mike Mann, Brandon Mattox, Jason McDougal, Bret Mellenberndt, Dustin Morgan, Casey Riggs, Brody Roa, Alex Shanks, Kody Swanson, Greg Wilson, Josh Wise & Kyle Wissmiller

94. (1) Rodney Argo, Chris Beaver, Ryan Bernal, Nick Bilbee, Keith Bloom, Jr., Eric Burns, Josh Burton, Mark Cassella, Isaac Chapple, Roger Chaudion, Dustin Christie, Henry Clarke, Anthony D’Alessio, Ron Dennis, Kevin Doty, Cary Faas, Jared Fox, Brian Gerster, Travis Gregg, Bart Grider, Kurt Gross, Chris Gurley, Tom Hessert III, Jesse Hockett, J.J. Hughes, Marc Jessup, Kasey Kahne, Joey Kerr, Jordan Kinser, Jason Knoke, Critter Malone, Brad Marvel, Rusty McClure, Max McGhee, John Memmer, Jerry Miller, Jr., Kevin Miller, Jim Moughan, Derek O'Dell, Ande Possman, Michael Pickens, Robbie Rice, Kyle Robbins, Joe Roush, Bryan Ruble, Stephen Schnapf, Jon Sciscoe, Jason Setser, Neil Shepherd, Jimmy Sills, Landon Simon, Tim Spindler, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Greg Stephens, Gary Taylor, Tyler Thomas, Michael Trimble, Richard Vander Weerd, Jonathan Vennard, Ricky Williams & John Wolfe



1. (12) Dave Darland

2. (8) Levi Jones

3. (7) Tracy Hines, Jon Stanbrough & J.J. Yeley

6. (6) Daron Clayton, Justin Grant & Richard Griffin

9. (5) Bryan Clauson, Jerry Coons, Jr., Tony Elliott, Hunter Schuerenberg & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

14. (4) Brady Bacon & Jay Drake

16. (3) Tyler Courtney, Cory Kruseman, C.J. Leary, Carson Short, Chase Stockon, Brad Sweet & Josh Wise

23. (2) Robert Ballou, Chad Boat, Chad Boespflug, Justin Marvel, Kevin Miller, Brandon Petty, Boston Reid, & Scotty Weir

31. (1) Brent Beauchamp, Nick Bilbee, Keith Bloom, Jr., Kevin Briscoe, Mark Cassella, Shane Cottle, Derek Davidson, Kevin Doty, Bobby East, Nic Faas, Blake Fitzpatrick, Jared Fox, Damion Gardner, Rickie Gaunt, Darren Hagen, Jonathan Hendrick, Josh Hodges, Ray Kenens, Dustin Morgan, Mat Neely, Ande Possman, Bill Rose, Neil Shepherd, Jeremy Sherman, Jimmy Sills, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Kevin Thomas, Shawn Westerfeld, Rip Williams, Chris Windom, Mitch Wissmiller & John Wolfe



1. (148) Dave Darland

2. (119) Jon Stanbrough

3. (94) Jerry Coons, Jr.

4. (86) Tracy Hines

5. (84) Levi Jones

6. (73) Robert Ballou & Shane Cottle

8. (72) Chris Windom

9. (65) Cory Kruseman

10. (62) Hunter Schuerenberg

11. (58) Tony Elliott

12. (56) Bryan Clauson

13. (54) Brady Bacon, Brady Short & Kevin Thomas, Jr.

16. (53) Chad Boespflug & Damion Gardner

18. (51) Chase Stockon

19. (50) J.J. Yeley

20. (47) Jay Drake

21. (46) Justin Grant

22. (45) C.J. Leary & Scotty Weir

24. (44) Thomas Meseraull

25. (41) Darren Hagen

26. (39) Bill Rose

27. (37) Bud Kaeding

28. (36) Daron Clayton

29. (34) Derek Davidson & Tyler Courtney

31. (33) Kyle Cummins

32. (32) Kevin Briscoe

33. (31) Brian Hayden

34. (30) A.J. Anderson

35. (29) Jarett Andretti

36. (28) Kent Christian, Dickie Gaines & Justin Marvel

39. (27) Kevin Thomas

40. (25) Mat Neely & Brandon Petty

42. (24) Josh Wise

43. (23) Josh Hodges, Terry Pletch & Casey Shuman

46. (22) Jeff Bland, Jr. & Brian Tyler

48. (21) Jack Hewitt, Mike Spencer & Brad Sweet

51. (20) Carson Short

52. (19) Derek Scheffel & Cole Whitt

54. (18) Brent Beauchamp & Blake Fitzpatrick

56. (17) Isaac Chapple, Kevin Doty & Aaron Farney

59. (16) Hud Cone, Bobby East, Shane Hollingsworth, Dustin Morgan

63. (14) Henry Clarke, Jesse Hockett, Wes McIntyre, Eric Shively & Tyler Thomas

68. (13) Chad Boat, Troy Cline, Coleman Gulick, Dakota Jackson, Critter Malone, Brody Roa, Richard Vander Weerd & Matt Westfall

76. (12) Logan Jarrett, Robbie Rice & Jonathan Vennard

79. (11) Ryan Bernal, Josh Ford, Eric Gordon, Tony Jarrett, Todd Kane, Mike Mann & Corey Smith

86. (10) Eric Burns, Kenny Carmichael, Jonathan Hendrick, Boston Reid, John Scott, Dustin Smith, Tim Spindler, Kyle Wissmiller & John Wolfe

95. (9) Tom Hessert III, Danny Holtsclaw, Kevin Miller, Matt Mitchell, Kyle Robbins, Steve Surniak & Kody Swanson

102. (8) Charles Davis, Jr., Richard Griffin, A.J. Hopkins, Mike Kirby, Jimmy Laser, Dave Peperak, Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., Casey Riggs, Jeremy Sherman, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. & Kevin Swindell

113. (7) Timmy Buckwalter, Shane Cockrum, Tim Cox, Andrew Elson, Brad Fox, Jason Knoke, Rusty McClure, Jason McDougal, Max McGhee, Joe Roush, Neil Shepherd, Josh Spencer, Jace Vander Weerd & Mitch Wissmiller

127. (6) Christopher Bell, J.J. Hughes, Jared Fox, Marc Jessup, Brandon Mattox, Ryan Pace, Jason Robbins, Troy Rutherford, Jimmy Sills & Michael Trimble

137. (5) Keith Bloom, Jr., Cary Faas, Chris Gurley, Shane Hmiel, Jon Sciscoe, Jake Swanson & Ricky Williams

144. (4) Caleb Armstrong, Tony DiMattia, Rickie Gaunt, Bart Grider, Ted Hines, Aaron Mosley, Landon Simon, Mark Smith, Gus Wasson & Greg Wilson

154. (3) Max Adams, Chris Beaver, Mike Boat, Chase Briscoe, Brett Burdette, Michael Burthay, Zach Daum, Mike English, A.J. Fike, Kurt Gross, Kasey Kahne, Jordan Kinser, Brad Kuhn, Brad Marvel, Jason McCord, Bret Mellenberndt, John Memmer, Jeff O’Banion, Richard Ott, Ande Possman, Davey Ray, Alex Shanks, Gary Taylor, Brian VanMeveren, Danny Williams, Jr., Rip Williams & Jeff Wilson

181. (2) Rodney Argo, Ethan Barrow, Donnie Beechler, Kevin Besecker, Nick Bilbee, Clinton Boyles, Donny Brackett, Greg Bragg, Mark Cassella, Roger Chaudion, Mark Clark, Mario Clouser, Kris Deckard, Ty Deckard, Ron Dennis, Gregg Dillion, Nic Faas, Russ Gamester, Travis Gregg, Rick Hayden, Tray House, Kevin Huntley, Cole Ketcham, Sheldon Kinser, Jr., Chris LaFollette, Jimmy Light, Zach Martini, Joss Moffatt, Tim Montgomery, Derek O’Dell, Scott Orr, Tony Ploughe, Davey Pombo, Eric Roberts, Bryan Ruble, Bryan Stanfill, Dave Steele, Greg Stephens, Stephen Schnapf, Leon Thickstun & Shawn Westerfeld

222. (1) Garrett Abrams, Nick Adams, Marc Arnold, Chris Babcock, Koby Barksdale, Robert Bell, Dean Billings, J.C. Bland, Steve Buckwalter, Josh Burton, Cole Carter, Kevin Chambers, Rob Chaney, Dustin Christie, Chris Coers, Jesse Cramer, Buddy Cunningham, Anthony D’Alessio, Eric Davis, Mitchell Davis, J.R. Douglas, Nick Drake, Brian Gerster, Matt Goodnight, Russ Harper, Jared Harris, Tom Harris, Ed Hassler, Kurt Hawkins, Zane Hendricks, Jordan Hermansader, Gary Howard, Chris Hoyer, Logan Hupp, Sammy Imel, Dustin Ingle, R.J. Johnson, Tony Jones, Doug Kalitta, Ryan Kaplan, Brian Karraker, Ray Kenens, Joey Kerr, Riley Kreisel, David McCreary, Nate McMillin, Austin Mero, Jerry Miller, Jr., Ray Morgan, Jim Moughan, Nick Naber, Wil Newlin, Vince Osman, Steve Ott, Seth Parker, Mark Perry III, Chris Phillips, Michael Pickens, Bart Pletch, Brett Pool, Terry Richards, Travis Rilat, Kendall Ruble, Charlie Sarver, Kent Schmidt, Jason Setser, Danny Sheridan, Jake Simmons, Bobby Smith, Eric Smith, J.T. Stapp, Bobby Stines, Joe Stornetta, Lee Underwood, Chris Urish, Chet Williams & Rick Ziehl

Bacon Repeats as $20 Grand Corn Belt Nationals Champion

A three-and-a-half hour rain delay and an engine swap just prior to the feature couldn’t deny Brady Bacon from Brandt Corn Belt Nationals domination for the second consecutive year in the second annual event that concluded in the wee hours of early Sunday at Iowa’s Knoxville Raceway.

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Courtney Cinches Corn Belt Nationals Opener at Knoxville

In essence, it didn’t take long for Tyler Courtney to get to the front of the field in Friday night’s Brandt Corn Belt Nationals opener at Iowa’s Knoxville Raceway.

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Windom Rises to Top of Passing Master Points

With nine positions advanced over his past two USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car performances, Chris Windom has surged to the lead in the season-long 2020 ProSource Passing Master point standings entering this weekend’s 2nd annual Brandt Corn Belt Nationals at Iowa’s Knoxville Raceway on Friday, July 10 and Saturday, July 11.

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Bonus Contingencies Added to Corn Belt Nationals

Longtime USAC supporter ProSource has added $1,000 in bonus awards to the 2nd annual Brandt Corn Belt Nationals this Friday and Saturday, July 10-11, at Iowa’s Knoxville Raceway.

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Corn Belt Nationals Race Preview

Like a field of dreams, Knoxville Raceway is a small town gem that serves as a mountainous stage where stars come to shine under the lights, where racing heroes are made, and a place where people return in droves year-after-year to witness for themselves.

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Corn Belt Nationals Format & Schedule

This weekend’s format for the 2nd annual Brandt Corn Belt Nationals at Knoxville Raceway on Friday and Saturday, July 10-11 brings with it a different format than is utilized in the high majority of USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship events.

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