North/South Live Updates, Final Night

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We're coming at you with live updates from day 3 of the Knoxville 410 Nationals. Refresh the page for updates!


20 laps: The A-Main  is in full swing and Bloomquist has the lead after swapping back and forth with Jimmy Owens. Tim McCreadie, Bobby Pierce and Josh Richards round out the top 5.
25 laps in: Hudson and Don O'Neal run side by side in 12th and 13th.
50 laps in: Bloomquist continues to lead over Owens. Brandon Overton has replaced Richards in fifth. 
Third caution lap 63: Overton is up to fourth pass Pierce, Top three remain the same.
15 laps to go: Bloomquist still leads, now over McCreadie. Owens has fallen to fourth, Pierce is in third. Overton rounds out the top five.
5 laps to go: Bloomquist feel to third with three to go. McCreadie now wins and Pierce followed into second. 
Final: Unofficial results Tim McCreadie wins after driving through Bloomquist and Pierce for the lead. Pierce comes in second, Bloomquist that led the majority of the night settles for third.

Top 10 Finishers:
1. Tim McCreadie
2. Bobby Pierce
3. Scott Bloomquist
4. Jimmy Owens
5. Darrell Lanigan
6. Brandon Overton
7. Zack Dohm
8. Josh Richards
9. Jonathan Davenport
10. Hudson O'Neal


B-Main 3: Gregg Satterlee and Michael Chilton advance to the big show. Steve Casebolt, Jason Miller, and Chris Combs
B-Main 2: Eddie Carrier wins over Mason Zeigler. The advance to the A McDowell is the 1st man out with Earl Pearson and Steve Landrum rounding out the top five.
B-Main 1: Max Dohm, Victor Lee transfer into the A, Kent Robinson, Jackie Boggs, and Tyler Erb round out the top five. 

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Harli White’s First Full Season Provides Building Blocks For 2018

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 By Victoria Beaver

Fastrak Decides On New Format For 2018

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Last week at Screven Motor Complex in Sylvania, GA, Fastrak Founder Stan Lester stood at the back of the technical hauler and thanked the drivers for a great season. He also gave them credit for making a new format a success.

USMTS Announces A Tighter 2018 Schedule

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By Race Chapman

Record-breaking cash payouts are enticing drivers for the 20th anniversary of the United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) season, and it is sure to make competition for the 2018 championship title fierce.

An Exhibitor’s Guide To Trade Shows 20171121_Trade Show 3_-performanceracing-com.jpg

By Jonathon Masters

Previously, we spoke about the do's and do not's of attending race industry trade shows both as a racer and as a non-exhibiting company. The last group on our list of entities that make trade shows successful is the exhibitors — the companies that spend the time and money to display their products and services to the race industry for 2-3 days at trade shows across the country.

Travis Rilat Extends Winning Streak To 23 Years

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Travis Rilat has won at least one race per season since he first climbed into a sprint car in 1995.

Two Nights Of Racing In Georgia See Five Winners

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Two nights of racing at Screven Motor Complex witnessed five winners in the Ultimate Super Late Model and Fastrak series as a national audience focused its attention on FloRacing’s live stream from Sylvania, GA, this past weekend.

Brady Bacon Wins The Battle; Spencer Bayston Wins The War At Bakersfield 20171120_Brady Bacon_-USACRacing-com.jpg

Brady Bacon charged from seventh place to win the November Classic in his first trip to Bakersfield (CA) Speedway on Saturday.

Jamie Ball Joins The ASCS National Tour In 2018

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Racers often take a traditional route to the top: They begin running at their local track, tour regionally, and then join a national sanction. In 2018, Jamie Ball will take the next step in his career when he and White Lightning Motorsports join the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series full-time to run for Rookie of the Year honors.

Live Updates: Georgia State Outlaw Championships Night 2

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Bookmark this page for LIVE updates of Night 2 of the Georgia State Outlaw Nationals.

World Of Outlaw Sprints Heads Into 40th Season

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The World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series has announced their 2018 schedule and it includes a combination of iconic races, new tracks, and courses that have not been run in several years.