Live Updates: SVRA Day 2

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Groups 10, 12b Feature Race 2
1) Samuel Lecomte (Kevin Harvick's Chevrolet Monte Carlo) wins over
2) Taz Harvey (Mazda RX8)
3) John Vining (Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS)
4) Rusty French (Chevrolet Corvette)
5) Paul Bacon (Porsche GT3 Cup)
6) Steven Davison (Aston Martin GT4)
7) Ernest Wilding (BMS M3(
8) Jonathan Pfeffer (Chevrolet Corvette)
9) Brad Waite (Porsche Carrera S)
10) Glen Andrew (Pontiac Grand Prix)

Group 6 Feature Race 2
1) Jody O'Donnell (Chevrolet Corvette) wins over
2) Peter Klutt (Chevrolet Corvette)
3) Larry Ligas (Jaguar XKE)
4) Mark Rife (Chevrolet Corvette Roadstar)
5) Ryan Klutt (Chevrolet Corvette)
6) Charles Bentley (Chevrolet Camaro Z28)
7) Michael Donohue (Chevrolet Corvette Roadster)
8) Gary Moore (Shelby GT350)
9) Shannon Ivey (Chevrolet Camaro SS)
10) Scott Holley (Jaguar XKE)

Groups 5, 7 Feature Race 2
1) John Harrold (Chevron B36)
2) Peter McLaughlin (March 832)
3) Tom Lemkuhl (Carbir CS2)
4) Rob Sherwood (Carbir CS2)
5) Chris McAlister (Gulf Mirage)
6) Jack Donnellan (Lola B07/90
7) Chris Arbuckle (Loal T88/90)
8) Turner Woodward (Chevron B31)
9) Ralph La Macchia (Carbir Sport 2000)
10) Chandler Briscoe (March S2000)

Groups 9, 11 Feature Race 2
1) Jacek Mucha (Swift JMS 016 CP) wins over

2) Steve Forrer (Ralt RT 41)
3) Casey Putsch (March Bennett MKII)
4) Bruce Hamilton (Dallara Infinity)
5) Jim Johnston (Pro Forma Mazda)
6) Brett Johnston (Mazda Pro Mazda)
7) Johnnie Crean (Eagle F5000)
8) Jim Downing (Kudzu DLY)
9) Unknown
10) David Rugh (Ralt RT5)

Group 2 Feature Race 2

1) Bob Hatle (Swift DB-3) wins over
2) Dan Cowdrey (Titan MK6)
3) Quinn Posner (Crossle 32F)
4) Jim Edmonds (Van Diemen RF 94)
5) Dennis Firestone (Crossle Formula Ford)
6) Duke Waldrop ((Van Diemen VD 82)
7) Tom Kinsman (Swift DB1)
8) Kim Madrid (Crossle Formula Ford)
9) Gray Fowler (Swift DB-1)
10) Ron Hornig (Titan MK6B)

Groups 8, 12a Feature Race 2
1) Steve Walker (BMW CSL)Wins
2) Tom Clarke (Porsche 911)
3) Tom Briest (Porsched 914/6)
4) Taz Harvey (Datsun 510)
5) Jim Lenehan (Porsche 914/6)
6) Ron Pawley (Toyota Supra)
7) Kevin Ruble (BMW M3 Sedan)
8) John Putnam (Mazda RX7)
9) Rob Davenport (Alfa Romeo GTV)
10) Larry Klamecki (BMS 2002)

Groups 1, 3, 4 Feature Race 2

1) Michael Leveque (Yanko Stinger) wins over
2) Tony Parella (Chevrolet Corvette)
3) Andrew Cannon (Alfa Romeo TZ1)
4) Steven Davison (Jaguar E Type Coupe)
5) Steve Nichols (MG B)
6) Steve Kupferman (Bobsy SR4)
7) Allen Goode (Triump TR4A)
8) Greg Wold (Austin Cooper S)
9) Charles Darrow (Triump Spitfire)
10) Jesse Prather (Elva Courier)

Historic GT/GTP Enduro (90 mins) (Grps 5b,6b,7,9,10,11,12) (1 pit stop)
1) Peter McLaughlin / Dave Handy (March 832) wins after completing 50 laps over
2) John Harrold / Ryan Harrold (Chevron B36)
3) Bruce Hamilton / St James (Dallara Infinity)
4) Steven Davison / David Russell (Aston Martin GT4)
5) Dirk Leuenberger (Dodge Viper)
6) Glenn Jividen Jr. (Carbir C32)
7) Ernest Wilding (BMS M3)
8) Phil Mulacek (GT40 MKII)
9) Bob Briggs / Shawn Umpries (Chevrolet Camaro)
Lynn St. James in entered in this race; read about her career and work with Project Podium while you watch her race.

Vintage Classic Enduro (60 mins) (Grps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5a, 6a, 8) (1 pit stop)

1) Shannon Ivey (Chevrolet Camaro SS) wins over
2) Cliff White (SRF)
3) Richard Baldwin (SRF)
4) Bill Feaster / Dennis Olthoff (Chevrolet Camaro)
5) Tom Briest (Porsche 914/6)
6) Jerry Robinson / Bobby Archer (Dodge Viper)
7) Matt Euson / Gary Moore (Shelby GT350)
8) Patrick Sessions (Shelby GT350)
9) Alain Vinson (Shelby GT 350)
10) Peter McLaughlin (Louts 23B)
Ivey and White were nose-to-tail through the final laps.
The track is wet from overnight rain, but starting to dry.

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Sunday's Schedule:

8:00am --9:00am Vintage Classic Enduro 60 mins End.#1 (Grps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5a, 6a, 8) (1 pit stop)
9:05am - 10:35am Historic GT/GTP Enduro 90 mins End.#2 (Grps 5b,6b,7,9,10,11,12) (1 pit stop)
10:40am Vintage Motorcycles
11:00am Groups 1, 3, 4 Feature Race 2**
11:25am Groups 8, 12a Feature Race 2**
11:50am Group 2 Feature Race 2
12:15pm--1:20pm LUNCH BREAK
12:15pm -- 12:40pm JAGUAR LAPS
12:40-12:50 -- Conversion
12:50-1:10 - Indy Legends Oval Sessions
1:10-1:20 -- Conversion,
1:20 -- National Anthem/Racers' Prayer
1:30pm Groups 9, 11 Feature Race 2**
1:55pm Groups 5, 7 Feature Race 2**
2:20pm Group 6 Feature Race 2
2:45pm Groups 10, 12b Feature Race 2**
3:10pm Vintage Motorcycles
3:30pm TA2 Feature Race 75 min
5:00pm Indy Legends Oval Sessions 30min
5:30pm End of on track activities

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SVRA Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational

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