Is Erica Enders Going NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing?

Is Erica Enders Going NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing?

Elite Motorsports owner Richard Freeman leaks plans for NHRA Pro Stock World Champion Erica Enders to go Top Fuel racing by confirming purchase of cars.

Jul 3, 2024 by Courtney Enders
Enders Interviews Enders After PRO Win

Richard Freeman appeared on the WFO Radio Podcast with Joe Castello early Wednesday to talk all things Elite Motorsports as we approach mid-season and prepare for the upcoming NHRA Championship Countdown. The eight-car Pro Stock team owner has been an intricate part of the recent revival of the Pro Stock category,  but the conversation took a turn none of the industry or listeners expected when he revealed his plans to expand Elite Motorsports into the Top Fuel category. 

Elite Motorsports owner Richard Freeman.

"Well, I don't think there is any secret that my passion is Pro Stock. I love it and have no interest in leaving it," Freeman said. "We are looking to possibly expand again into Top Fuel. I have two brand new trailers on order, and two new PDRC cars on order and we will build the infrastructure while we work on the funding. I will make clear that we absolutely will not take that move until the proper funding is in place." 

The details of the jump are still very much in the early stages and nothing official has been announced other than the intention to build a program. 

"My plan would be to have Erica [Enders] behind the wheel of a Top Fuel Dragster and continue to drive Pro Stock," Freeman continued. 

"Right now the rules don't allow a driver to participate in two professional categories, but I've had many conversations with NHRA about making this possibility available. We still have some challenges there, but they have agreed to work with us  to make that possible and that's what we are going to do." 

Erica Enders is a six-time NHRA Pro Stock World Champion.

Enders, a six-time NHRA Pro Stock World Champion, has casually voiced interest in new challenges, but any sort of confirmation of plans have not been made yet. 

"When there is an announcement to be made, we will make it," Enders said. "We are definitely looking into expanding our program, but I want to be clear: I love and am passionate about Pro Stock and would never give it up to race a dragster. It's a good business opportunity and a way for us to continue to build our empire that is Team Elite. But, as for now, there is no announcement except that we are working on putting it together and I am always up for a new challenge."

As for how the team will look, the details are still uncertain, but with Freeman's relationships with other Top Fuel teams, the opportunities are endless. 

"An alignment with another team is a must. We have a lot of relationships with other teams with our current teammates through JHG [TSR Nitro] and SCAG [Justin Ashley]," said Freeman. "We also have a great friendship with the Torrence Family, so who knows the avenue we will go down." 

Elite Motorsports will continue it's growth within the Pro Stock program as well with the announcement last week of the addition to Rookie of The Year candidate, Sienna Wildgust, but we will have to wait and see the Nitro plans as they announce more information.