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FloRacing and Bradenton Motorsports Park Extend Pro Mod Partnership

FloRacing and Bradenton Motorsports Park Extend Pro Mod Partnership

FloRacing and Bradenton Motorsports Park announced a contract extension for US Street Nationals and Snowbird Outlaw Nationals through 2028.

Jul 2, 2024 by Courtney Enders
FloRacing and Bradenton Motorsports Park Extend Pro Mod Partnership

FloRacing announced today a contract extension with Bradenton Motorsports Park that will see FloRacing’s livestreaming coverage of the track’s historic Snowbird Outlaw Nationals and U.S. Street Nationals continue through 2028. The exclusive media partnership extension is a part of FloRacing’s continued interest and support of Pro Modified-centric events at the Florida Gulf Coast track.

“We are so excited to extend this deal,” said Courtney Enders, FloRacing’s Senior Content Creator. “I know I speak for myself and for FloRacing when I say that continuing the partnership at BMP was an absolute must if we wanted to be the home for Pro Mod. I’m excited to see what we can continue to do in the space on a production side, on the event promotion side, as well as the content side. 2028 is a long time to be able to build something great. In my two years here, we’ve moved the needle and do not plan on stopping. Bradenton Motorsports Park is a huge part of the growth of what we do here at FloRacing.”

“FloRacing covering the Snowbirds and U.S. Street Nationals is a no-brainer,” added Victor Alvarez, track owner, Bradenton Motorsports Park. “There is an audience that is expecting and demanding it, and they are the FloRacing audience. Over the years, they’ve become a FloRacing audience and we need to deliver. Nothing has changed on our end as far as we want to deliver the best race, whether it’s in-person or via FloRacing to all of our fans. We share this fanbase, and in this perfect time of year where there’s not much drag racing going on, it’s a perfect relationship.”

Over the last few years, FloRacing has continually stepped up the production level of its drag racing events. That includes pre-race content series, live timing graphics, jib shots, drone shots, and pit reports. Many of those aspects were developed during BMP events.

“It’s cool to see how far it’s come and to feel like we’ve been a part of that at BMP,” Alvarez said of FloRacing’s production improvements. “We are all extremely passionate about what we do and everybody wants the show to be the biggest, baddest production possible from every aspect, whether you’re in the car, in the stands, or watching on Flo. It’s just a recipe for greatness.”

This year’s 53rd Snowbird Outlaw Nationals presented by Motion Raceworks is set for Dec. 5-8. The U.S. Street Nationals presented by M&M Transmission will follow on Jan. 23-26, 2025. Both events feature eighth-mile Outlaw Pro Modified as the headlining attraction, with a supporting cast of drag radial, big-tire, and index classes. The U.S. Street Nationals is also a points race for the FuelTech Radial Outlaws Racing Series.

“We are excited to have folks like Lyle Barnett, Mark Micke, Stevie Jackson, Ken Quartuccio and more come back,” Alvarez said. “We’ve seen some wins from some unexpected folks like Spencer Hyde and Derek Ward. Those stars were literally born here at BMP on FloRacing. It’s really cool to see, and to give them this stage and platform to do what they're doing, and to see the drivers come out in the winter and race for huge money that they don’t normally get to race for – on a huge stage – and make a name for themselves.

“As far as outlaw racing goes, BMP has it on lock,” Alvarez added. “We have created this thing that if you win at any of our three races, it’s just as big of a deal if you win an entire series championship. It’s why people fight to be on the entry list for these events. That’s the stage we’ve created.”

Along with the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals and U.S. Street Nationals, the FloRacing drag racing portfolio of live events includes the PRO Superstar Shootout, the Red Line Oil PDRA Drag Racing Series, the World Cup Finals, TX2K, Duck X Productions events, and the Drag Illustrated World Series of Pro Mod. In addition to live events, the FloRacing subscription gains viewers access to original films, exclusive features, highlights, race results, news, podcasts and more. Learn more at