2024 High Limit Racing at East Bay Raceway Park

Danny Dietrich Reveals His Plans For 2024 Season

Danny Dietrich Reveals His Plans For 2024 Season

Danny Dietrich and Gary Kauffman Racing plan to compete in over 100 Sprint Car races during the 2024 season.

Jan 22, 2024 by FloRacing Staff

GETTYSBURG, Pa. – As recently announced, “Double-D” Danny Dietrich and Gary Kauffman Racing will launch the new year in the Sunshine State, joining the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series and High Limit Sprint Car Series in starts at Volusia Speedway Park and East Bay Raceway Park, respectively. And although their pilgrimage to Florida is a major segment of their annual agenda, the six-race slate is just the tip of the iceberg, as Dietrich plans to compete in over 100 dates highlighted with major blockbusters such as Ohio Sprint Speedweek, Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek, and the coveted Knoxville Nationals. 

Dietrich, ace of Gary Kauffman’s Weikert’s Livestock, Sandoe’s Fruit Market, Pace Performance, Cochrancars.com, York Excavating, Big Cove Whitetail Trophy Hunts, Drop Of Ink Tattoo, Self Made Racing, No. 48 sprint car, will activate his post-Florida campaign in familiar stomping grounds, joining the best of Posse Country in Lincoln Speedway’s two-day Icebreaker Weekend on February 24-25.

“We have a big schedule planned. A few dates are still ‘to be determined,’ but it’s our goal to compete in most of what we have highlighted,” Dietrich said. “We have a lot of great partners, most of which have been a part of our Gary Kauffman Racing family for a long time. It’s our job to go out and give them the exposure that they deserve and we feel this is the right plan of attack to do so.”

Despite his schedule including major road trips to Florida and Iowa, the bulk of Dietrich’s agenda will be contested right in the heart of Pennsylvania Posse Country, making frequent appearances at Williams Grove Speedway, Lincoln Speedway, Port Royal Speedway, and BAPS Motor Speedway. 

The World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series and High Limit Sprint Car Series will invade the Keystone State on several occasions during the new year and Double-D plans to be a part of every appearance. 

“There’s a lot of racing close to home and we plan to take full advantage of that,” Dietrich added. “The goal is to win races…everything else can come second.”

2024 Danny Dietrich Schedule

*Subject to change | All tentative

Feb 7th | Volusia Speedway Park (WoO)

Feb 8th | Volusia Speedway Park (WoO)

Feb 9th | Volusia Speedway Park (WoO)

Feb 10th | Volusia Speedway Park (WoO)

Feb 12th | East Bay Raceway Park (High Limit)

Feb 13th | East Bay Raceway Park (High Limit)

Feb 24th | Lincoln Speedway

Feb 25th | Lincoln Speedway

March 2nd | Lincoln Speedway

March 3rd | Volusia Speedway Park (WoO)

March 4th | Volusia Speedway Park (WoO)

March 9th | Lincoln Speedway

March 16th | Lincoln Speedway

March 17th | Williams Grove Speedway

March 22nd | Williams Grove Speedway

March 23rd | Port Royal Speedway

March 24th | BAPS Motor Speedway

March 29th | Williams Grove Speedway

March 30th | Port Royal Speedway

April 5th | Williams Grove Speedway

April 6th | Lincoln Speedway

April 7th | Bridgeport Motorsports Park

April 12th | Williams Grove Speedway

April 13th | Lincoln Speedway

April 14th | BAPS Motor Speedway

April 19th | Williams Grove Speedway

April 20th | Lincoln Speedway

April 21st | Selinsgrove Speedway

April 26th | Williams Grove Speedway

April 27th | Port Royal Speedway

April 28th | BAPS Motor Speedway

May 3rd | Williams Grove Speedway

May 4th | Lincoln Speedway

May 8th | Lincoln Speedway (WoO)

May 10th | Williams Grove Speedway (WoO)

May 11th | Williams Grove Speedway (WoO)

May 12th | Selinsgrove Speedway

May 16th | Outlaw Speedway (High Limit)

May 17th | Utica-Rome Speedway (High Limit)

May 18th | Sharon Speedway (WoO)

May 19th | BAPS Motor Speedway

May 24th | Williams Grove Speedway

May 25th | Port Royal Speedway (High Limit)

May 26th | Port Royal Speedway (High Limit)

May 27th | Fremont Speedway (WoO)

May 28th | Grandview Speedway (High Limit)

May 31st | Williams Grove Speedway

June 1st | Lincoln Speedway

June 2nd | Selinsgrove Speedway

June 7th | Attica Raceway Park

June 8th | Fremont Speedway

June 9th | Waynesfield Raceway Park

June 10th | Wayne County Speedway

June 11th | Hilltop Speedway

June 12th | Sharon Speedway

June 13th | Muskingum County Speedway

June 14th | Millstream Speedway

June 15th | Atomic Speedway

June 21st | Williams Grove Speedway

June 28th | Williams Grove Speedway

June 29th | Lincoln Speedway

June 30th | BAPS Motor Speedway

July 1st | Lincoln Speedway

July 2nd | Grandview Speedway

July 3rd | Port Royal Speedway

July 4th | Hagerstown Speedway

July 5th | Williams Grove Speedway

July 6th | Port Royal Speedway

July 7th | Selinsgrove Speedway

July 12th | Williams Grove Speedway

July 13th | Lincoln Speedway

July 23rd | Lernerville Speedway (High Limit)

July 24th | BAPS Motor Speedway (WoO)

July 26th | Williams Grove Speedway (WoO)

July 27th | Williams Grove Speedway (WoO)

July 28th | Weedsport Speedway (WoO)

August 2nd | Williams Grove Speedway

August 3rd | Lincoln Speedway

August 5th | Southern Iowa Speedway

August 7th | Knoxville Raceway (WoO)

August 8th | Knoxville Raceway (WoO)

August 9th | Knoxville Raceway (WoO)

August 10th | Knoxville Raceway (WoO)

August 16th | Williams Grove Speedway

August 17th | Port Royal Speedway

August 18th | Selinsgrove Speedway

August 23rd | Williams Grove Speedway

August 24th | Lincoln Speedway

August 30th | Williams Grove Speedway

August 31st | Lincoln Speedway

Sep 1st | Lincoln Speedway

Sep 2nd | Port Royal Speedway

Sep 5th | Port Royal Speedway (High Limit)

Sep 6th | Port Royal Speedway (High Limit)

Sep 7th | Port Royal Speedway (High Limit)

Sep 13th | Lernerville Speedway (High Limit)

Sep 14th | Lernerville Speedway (High Limit)

Sep 20th | Williams Grove Speedway

Sep 21st | BAPS Motor Speedway

Sep 27th | Williams Grove Speedway

Sep 28th | Lincoln Speedway

Oct 4th | Williams Grove Speedway (WoO)

Oct 5th | Williams Grove Speedway (WoO)

Oct 11th | Selinsgrove Speedway (WoO)

Oct 12th | Selinsgrove Speedway (WoO)

Oct 19th | Lincoln Speedway

Oct 26th | BAPS Motor Speedway

Nov 16th | BAPS Motor Speedway