2023 Show-Me 100 at Lucas Oil Speedway

Devin Moran Inherits Show-Me 100 Victory After Ricky Thornton Jr. Penalized

Devin Moran Inherits Show-Me 100 Victory After Ricky Thornton Jr. Penalized

Devin Moran was declared the winner of the Show-Me 100 after Ricky Thornton Jr. failed postrace deck-height requirements.

May 28, 2023 by FloRacing Staff

WHEATLAND, Mo. — Devin Moran of Dresden, Ohio, inherited a $50,000 victory at Saturday's Lucas Oil Show-Me 100 when apparent winner Ricky Thornton Jr. was tagged with a deck-height infraction after the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event at Lucas Oil Speedway. The victory becomes the richest of Moran's career.

Thornton, the series points leader, grabbed the lead on the 58th lap after a wild, mid-race duel with prelim-dominating Jonathan Davenport, built a big lead and held on amid late-race restarts. Davenport, who had led 142 feature laps between Thursday and Friday prelims along with the first half of Saturday's feature, ended up 11th after running out of fuel rounding the backstretch with two laps to go.

Thornton failed the so-called droop rule that governs deck heights on the Lucas Oil Series and other tours, resulting in a four-position penalty that put him fifth in the finishing order. The Martinsville, Ind., native said a parts failure caused his deck height to be off by 3/8-inch. 

Thirteen cautions slowed the action, including a lap-99 caution for a sputtering Davenport when he ran out of fuel. That yellow came two laps after second-running Brandon Overton got too high exiting turn four and smacked the wall.

The first single-car yellows came between laps 20-22 for Chris Simpson, Boom Briggs and Larry Ferris. A lap-35 caution appeared for Ross Robinson pointing the wrong way in turn two. A lap-38 caution was for a multicar scramble including Robinson, Tyler Erb, Daulton Wilson and others. Chris Simpson slowed for a lap 42 yellow. Ferris and Robinson tangled exiting turn four on the 45th lap. Sixth-running Jimmy Owens slowed on lap 48. Jeff Herzog spun for a yellow at halfway. Hudson O'Neal came from 20th to eighth but retired on lap 67 because of an engine issue.

The 11th caution appeared on the 97th lap when MLRA points leader Chad Simpson pounded the backstretch wall after contact from Tyler Erb.

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Saturday's Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Highlights At Lucas Oil Speedway

VIDEO: Watch highlights from Saturday's Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Winning Quote From Devin Moran

"What the hell. I mean, I don't know. This is like the best-worst win of my life, you know? I just won the Show-Me 100 ... $50,000. But, like, Ricky (Thornton) was the best car in the field. And I drove like an idiot and wrecked (Brandon Overton), and I'm probably going to get a black eye when I walk back to the pits. Hell with it, we won the race I guess."

Saturday's Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Results At Lucas Oil Speedway

  1. Devin Moran
  2. Tim McCreadie
  3. Spencer Hughes
  4. Chris Ferguson
  5. Ricky Thornton Jr.
  6. Dillon McCowan
  7. Tyler Erb
  8. Garrett Alberson
  9. Daulton Wilson
  10. Ricky Weiss
  11. Jonathan Davenport
  12. Max Blair
  13. Jimmy Owens
  14. Daniel Hilsabeck
  15. Earl Pearson Jr.
  16. Jeff Herzog
  17. Brandon Overton
  18. Chad Simpson
  19. Tyler Bruening
  20. Hudson O'Neal
  21. Mason Zeigler
  22. Chris Simpson
  23. Kylan Garner
  24. Trevor Gundaker
  25. Ross Robinson
  26. Larry Ferris
  27. Boom Briggs
  28. Dustin Hodges
  29. Payton Looney
  30. Justin Duty
  31. Tyler Stevens

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Point Standings

Despite failing post-race technical inspection and dropping to fifth in the finish, Ricky Thornton Jr. extended his lead to 115 points in the championship standings.

The top 15 drivers in the standings following the Show-Me 100 earned bonus payouts and locked themselves into the battle for the 2023 championship. 

1. Ricky Thornton Jr. (2,900); 2. Hudson O’Neal (2,785); 3. Brandon Overton (2,750); 4. Tim McCreadie (2,560); 5. Devin Moran (2,515); 6. Jonathan Davenport (2,435); 7. Daulton Wilson (2,355); 8. Max Blair (2,330); 9. Tyler Erb (2,325); 10. Earl Pearson Jr. (2,280); 11. Spencer Hughes (2,255); 12. Jimmy Owens (2,185); 13. Garrett Alberson (2,115); 14. Tyler Bruening (1,950); 15. Ross Robinson (1,860).

Updated Point Standings

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