2023 Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals

Latest Updates On Ashton Torgerson After Chili Bowl Crash

Latest Updates On Ashton Torgerson After Chili Bowl Crash

The latest updates on race car driver Ashton Torgerson, who was hospitalized following a crash at the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals on Wednesday night.

Jan 13, 2023 by Brandon Paul

The SageNet Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma is typically filled with the sound of engines and the roar of passionate race fans during the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals. But on Wednesday night, everything went eerily quiet as all thoughts turned to the safety of driver Ashton Torgerson. 

Torgerson, a 16-year old racer from Medford, Oregon, was transported to a local Tulsa hospital after his car flipped several times and his body was ejected from the race car. 

Track officials and the medical team at the event quickly arrived at the scene. It was reported at the race track that Torgerson was awake and alert before he was transported via ambulance to the hospital. 

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, Petersen Media -- the PR firm for Torgerson Racing, provided an update on Torgerson's status. 

Later in the evening, Torgerson Racing released an additional update directly via its Twitter account. 

On Thursday morning, Torgerson Racing provided another update indicating that doctors have been amazed by how well he's doing. Ashton's father, Danny Torgerson, said in a statement:

“The whole racing community has just been amazing. It means a lot. I think the most important thing is, the responders and the officials at the Chili Bowl, if they weren’t as good as they were, that literally could be a difference between a life and death situation.” 

Torgerson Racing also indicated that Wednesday night's race winner, Rico Abreu, visited Torgerson at the hospital.

Shortly after noon on Thursday, Torgerson was released from the emergency room and sent to his own room at the hospital. 

Early Friday afternoon, Torgerson took his first short walk in the hospital since the incident and doctors say that he is improving quickly.

Shortly after 5 p.m. on Friday, Torgerson was cleared to leave the hospital. 

The incident occurred 10 laps into Wednesday's preliminary night feature around 10:05 p.m. CT. After a brief meeting with drivers in turn two, the race resumed at approximately 10:50 p.m. CT.