2022 Castrol Gateway Dirt Nationals

Gateway Dirt Nationals Key Moments: Retaliation, Electricity And Emotion

Gateway Dirt Nationals Key Moments: Retaliation, Electricity And Emotion

Get caught up on the key moments from the 2022 Gateway Dirt Nationals at The Dome at America's Center

Dec 5, 2022 by Rob Blount
Gateway Dirt Nationals Key Moments: Retaliation, Electricity And Emotion

Another Castrol Gateway Dirt Nationals is in the rear-view mirror, and once again we walk away from it with moments that we'll be talking about until next year's event. The Dome at America's Center provided great racing, plus the usual drama and controversy that everyone has come to expect and love at Gateway. If you missed this year's Gateway Dirt Nationals, never fear, because we're going to get you caught up on the Key Moments from the 2022 Gateway Dirt Nationals right now.

Cody Bauer Scores One For The Underdogs

It's totally okay if you were unfamiliar with Cody Bauer before Friday night's Late Model feature, but you definitely know who he is now. The Michigan driver pulled off one of the all-time upsets that only happens on the level playing field that The Dome provides. Bauer has only been racing for four years, but he was able to go out there and score the $5,000 win in Friday night's preliminary feature race.

Bauer Scores One For The Underdogs At Gateway

Watch: Cody Bauer Wins One For The Underdogs At The Dome

Peyton Taylor Goes For A Tumble

Peyton Taylor got upside down in a big way during Friday's Modified feature with his car coming to a rest on its side, right next to the catch fence. It all started when Tom Berry Jr. made contact with the outside wall. Taylor had nowhere to go and got into the back of Berry as Berry bounced off the wall. As the contact continued, Taylor's car spun around and tipped over onto its side. Taylor was okay physically after the crash and then gave one of those interviews that the Dome has become known for.


Watch: Taylor Lands On His Side During Friday Modified Feature

Drama Between Tyler Carpenter And Hudson O'Neal

Hudson O'Neal and Tyler Carpenter were battling for the lead in their heat race Friday night when Carpenter squeezed O'Neal into the turn two opening, causing big damage to O'Neal's car and a few others as well. O'Neal made sure that Carpenter knew he wasn't exactly thrilled with how he was raced right away. O'Neal took his damaged race car and drove it into the rear of Carpenter's car, spinning Carpenter around and flattening his left-rear tire in the process.

Carpenter & O'Neal React To Gateway Incident

Watch: O'Neal And Carpenter Share Their Thoughts On Heat Race Incident

Kenny Wallace Electrifies The Dome Crowd

Kenny Wallace is a St. Louis boy through and through. He's also a dirt racer through and through. On Saturday night Wallace used a last-lap pass to take the lead, the win and the last transfer spot into the Modified feature event. The move sent the hometown crowd at The Dome into a frenzy that saw Wallace play to the crowd like only Kenny Wallace can.


Watch: Kenny Wallace Thrills Hometown Crowd With Last-Lap Winning Pass

Tyler Erb Overcomes Grief To Win Late Model Feature

The grief that comes with losing a parent is immeasurable. If you haven't experienced it, you can't even imagine what those who have are dealing with. Tyler Erb's father, Mark Erb, passed away suddenly on Wednesday night in St. Louis from a heart attack. Tyler Erb and his family kept the news hidden away from just about everybody, and it wasn't until Erb was celebrating his victory on Saturday night that he broke the news. Overcoming that level of pain and anguish and sadness is a Herculean feat from Erb, and that was recognized by the crowd who gave Erb a massive ovation.


Watch: Tyler Erb Overcomes Loss Of Father To Win Gateway Dirt Nationals

Late Models Saturday A Feature Results

11TTyler Erb
296VTanner English
320RTRicky Thornton Jr.
428Tyler Carpenter
589Mike Spatola
62MDevin Moran
719XCody Bauer
825Jason Feger
919MWil Herrington
1032Bobby Pierce
1191Rusty Schlenk
1242Carson Hocevar
1311GGordy Gundaker
1418Shannon Babb
1575Patrik Daniel
16B5Brandon Sheppard
1755Justin Reed
184Chris Simpson
1958Garrett Alberson
2024Ryan Unzicker

Modifieds Saturday A Feature Results

120RTRicky Thornton Jr.
221TMike McKinney
330Jordan Grabouski
48Kyle Steffens
545Chase Holland
695Michael Altobelli
719Chad Bauer
844K.C. Burdette
923Dylan Sharp
10130Chase Allen
1136Kenny Wallace
124TGuy Taylor
1314Billy Smith
1497Mitch Thomas
1537LMichael Ledford
166STJoseph Thomas
171TPOTyler Peterson
1824HMike Harrison
1977Ray Bollinger
207Drake Troutman