ASCS National Points Standings After Missouri State Fairgrounds

Johnny Herrera has somehow managed to stay in striking distance with four top-fives as Sam Hafertepe Jr. remains perfect through five races . He's stayed sharp with wins in the regionals.

ASCS National Points Standings After Missouri State Fairgrounds

PositionDriverWinsTop 5Top 10Features MadePointsGap
1Sam Hafertepe Jr5555750 
2Johnny Herrera 445641-109
3Wayne Johnson 345601-149
4Justin Henderson 244575-175
5Seth Bergman 235573-177
6Matt Covington  35569-181
7Blake Hahn 135546-204
8Aaron Reutzel 134541-209
9Josh Baughman 134525-225
10Sammy Swindell  34499-251
11Kyle Bellm 114498-252
12Dustin Morgan 114484-266
13Skylar Gee  13456-294
14John Carney II 114423-327
15Harli White   2401-349
16Alex Hill   2387-363
17Tommy Bryant  13379-371
 Jake Greider   2379-371
19Danny Jennings 112366-384
20Travis Rilat  12351-399
21Brandon Hanks   2332-418
 Brandon Long  12332-418
23Sean McClelland  12331-419
24Scott Bogucki   2313-437
25Dustin Gates   1299-451
26Tucker Doughty   1291-459
27Caleb Martin   0260-490
 Chance McCrary   0260-490
 Kade Morton   1260-490
30Tony Stewart 122240-510
31Brad Queen   1226-524
32Joe Wood Jr   2216-534
33Ray Allen Kulhanek  12208-542
34Kaley Gharst   2200-550
35James Mosher   2188-562
36Chad Wilson   2184-566
37Danny Lasoski  11181-569
38Zane Lawrence  11175-575
 Chance Morton   2175-575
40Chris Martin   1165-585
41Christopher Bell   1163-587
 Ryan Roberts   1163-587
43Jonathan Cornell 111135-615
44Raven Culp   0130-620
 Jacob Lucas   0130-620
 Scottie McDonald   0130-620
 Charles McManus   0130-620
 Logan Payne   0130-620
 Joey Schmidt   0130-620
 Jared Sewell   0130-620
 Mark Smith   0130-620
 Scott Smith   0130-620
 Dalton Stevens   0130-620
 Dale Wester   0130-620
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