Sh!t Drivers Say: Getting Stuck Behind An Ambulance

Sh!t Drivers Say: Getting Stuck Behind An Ambulance
Photo: @MattKenseth
Here is a collection of some of the racing world's best comments on Twitter from the past week.

What are the chances that you get stuck behind an ambulance twice in one night?

If Scott Bloomquist rolling into the track wasn't already intimidating enough, his team just added an actual spaceship to its garage.

Parents Casey Shuman and Brooke Rowden taught their youngin' early that rubber tracks lead to follow-the-leader racing. Not amused.

This tweet did not aged well.

Glad we have good people like Cassill to hold media personalities responsible.

Who would've thought that @Nascarcasm's pan would be foiled by an ambulance driver and not Cassill.

Tracks need to keep an extra "WO" around for when Katlynn Leer comes to town.

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